My first business class trip: a weekend in Prague

My first business class trip: a weekend in Prague

I’ve been on my very first business class trip! Last weekend I treated myself to a luxury weekend in Prague. Flying business class, a 5-star hotel, and spending some time in this gorgeous city.

Why I decided to go on my first business class trip to Prague

I had 3 reasons to go on this (short) trip:

– I had to do one more flight (with a stopover) to reach a new status in the Flying Blue program. I could’ve made it with economy class, but flying business class was only a little more expensive and I got way more miles.

– I’ve always wanted to fly business class. Although it’s not as special within Europe compared to intercontinental flights, I thought it still would be worth it. Especially all the priority lines (there was a huge line at luggage control, and I was able to take the very short priority line) and the use of airport lounges. Waiting in luxury with free food and drinks.

– During my last visit to Prague (December 2016) I was very unlucky. A lot of flight delays, bad weather and I got the flu. It’s time for revanche!

There we go!

I get up a little before 5 o’clock, so early! After a quick shower, I took the train to Schiphol Airport. At 6 in the morning, it’s already very crowded. Apparently, a lot of people go on holiday in October. The lines are incredibly long, but not for me, because I can take the priority line (love this business class thing already!). I’ve got plenty of time to visit the KLM Crown Lounge before I have to board the plane. So it’s time for my first breakfast.
In Business Class naar Praag - fruit KLM Crown Lounge

When it’s time to board, I don’t have to wait at all, I can get used to this! On the airplane, I get my second breakfast, and it’s delicious. A warm bread roll, salmon, fresh fruits, and yogurt.

In Business Class naar Praag - ontbijt KLM

When I arrived in Paris, I suddenly have to change terminals. If you’ve ever been to Charles the Gaulle Airport, you’ll know that’s kind of a hassle. I pretty much run all the time and have to get my luggage checked again. Luckily I make my connection in time because it’s delayed.

My second flight of the day is also very relaxing and I get my third breakfast. It’s another great breakfast, but after this meal, I’m pretty much done eating for the rest of the day.

When I arrive in Prague, I take the bus to the metro station and the metro to my hotel. I decided to go for a very luxurious hotel as well, so I’m staying at the 5* Hilton hotel, which has a beautiful atrium. I booked it through Hotwire (secret deal) and got more than 50% off compared to the prices on Hilton’s website. Score!

In Business Class naar Praag - Atrium Hilton Praag

Exploring Prague

After a short break in my hotel room, it’s time to explore Prague! I’ve been to Prague before, so I don’t have a plan or must-sees. I expected it to be less crowded in October than during Christmas break, but there’s still a lot of tourists wandering around. I wander around Old town (love all the buildings), cross the Donau river over the Charles Bridge, check out the John Lennon Wall and visit Prague Castle. I stop frequently to enjoy the view.

In Business Class naar Praag - Oude Stad Praag
In Business Class naar Praag - Charles Bridge toeristen
In Business Class naar Praag - Lenon wall
In Business Class naar Praag - trappen naar de Praagse Burcht
In Business Class naar Praag - Plein in de Praagse Burcht

My last stop of the day is St. Wenceslas Vineyard. A beautiful spot to drink a glass of (delicious) wine and enjoy the view.

In Business Class naar Praag - wijngaard
In Business Class naar Praag - Wine with a view

Get up early to avoid the crowds

Because I would like to see Prague with fewer tourists, I decide to get up really early the next morning. At 7 o’clock I’m standing on the Charles Bridge to watch the sunrise, and I’m not the only one.

The Charles bridge is one of the most beautiful places in Prague and one of the reasons why Prague is one of the best places to visit in the Czech Republic.

In Business Class naar Praag - Vroege ochtend op de Charles Bridge
In Business Class naar Praag - Vroege ochtend op de Charles Bridge 2

Unfortunately, it was too cloudy to see the sunrise, so I just wandered around in the area of this beautiful bridge. I made lots of pictures since it was so quiet.

In Business Class naar Praag - Gele pinguins
In Business Class naar Praag - Co in Praag

At some point, the sun did show up and it was an incredible view to see the sun brighten up the famous astronomical clock.

In Business Class naar Praag - Astronomisch uurwerk

Before I went to Prague, I searched for the best viewpoints in Prague, and one of them is the Old Bridge Tower. I went up, and I have got to admit, it’s a pretty good view! The best thing about it, that there are barely any other tourists up there, and you can watch the crowd walking on the Charles Bridge below you.

In Business Class naar Praag - Uitzicht Old Bridge Tower
In Business Class naar Praag - Uitzicht Old Bridge Tower op de Charles Bridge

Another great viewpoint is the one from Letna Park, where you can see multiple bridges.

In Business Class naar Praag - Uitzicht vanaf Letna Park

Going back home

Wow, these 24 hours in Prague went by so fast! I get back to the airport and have plenty of time before my flight departs. So it’s time to check out another lounge! The one at Václav Havel Prague Airport is not as roomy as the Crown Lounge at Schiphol, but the chairs are very comfortable and there are enough food and drink options to keep me happy.

Of course, I eat way too much food again on the airplane to Paris and the one to Amsterdam. It’s a good thing I don’t fly business class every time because I will gain some weight because of all the great food!

In Business Class naar Praag - Eten AirFrance

During the flight from Paris to Amsterdam, the sun is setting and it’s a beautiful view. I look back at a short, but fantastic weekend of luxury. My first business class trip was a lot of fun!

In Business Class naar Praag - Zonsondergang vliegtuig

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