11 Best Things to do in Orange France

11 Best Things to do in Orange France

Orange is a beautiful historic city in Provence, France. What are the best things to do in Orange France? Read all about it now.

About Orange

Tucked away in the heart of sun-drenched Provence (France), lies the historic city of Orange. A former Roman colony, Orange boasts a wealth of ancient remains, including the Roman theater and triumphal arch, both recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These architectural gems bear witness to the city’s glorious past and provide a fascinating backdrop to city life.

But Orange offers more than historical splendor; it is also a gourmet paradise. With the nearby vineyards of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, famous for its exquisite wine, and the diverse Provençal cuisine, culinary enthusiasts are sure to enjoy themselves here.

Surrounded by the idyllic countryside of Provence with the majestic Mont Ventoux, Orange is a destination that will enchant history buffs, nature lovers, and culture lovers alike. A city that is eager to be discovered by you.

Things to do in Orange France

I myself accidentally ended up in Orange while traveling from Girona in Spain to Geneva in Switzerland. Orange turned out to be a surprisingly fun stop! What to do in Orange? This is an overview of the most beautiful Orange sights.

The Roman Theatre

The Roman Theater in Orange, also known as the Théâtre Antique d’Orange, is one of the most impressive remains from the Roman period in the entire world. The theater, built in the first century AD, is remarkably well preserved and is still used for performances today, making it a living part of Orange’s cultural heritage.

The size and structure of the theater are impressive. It can hold more than 9,000 spectators, and the stage itself is a massive 103 meters wide. The original Roman stage wall, known as the “scaenae frons,” is still in place and towers nearly 37 meters above the stage, decorated with intricate stone reliefs and statues.

One of the theater’s most distinctive features is the statue of Emperor Augustus, located in the niche above the stage. This imposing statue, showing a young and powerful Augustus, is a reminder of Roman rule in this area.

The Roman Theater of Orange is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts thousands of visitors each year. It is highly recommended to visit the theater during the famous Les Chorégies d’Orange opera and music festival, then you can attend wonderful concerts in the impressive theater.

Buy your ticket for the Roman Theatre in Orange now. Tickets include an audio guide. In addition, your ticket is also valid for Musée d’art de d’histoire de Orange.

The Roman Theatre

Musée d’art de d’histoire d’Orange

The Musée d’Art et d’Histoire d’Orange, or the Museum of Art and History of Orange, is a fascinating cultural hub housed in a beautiful 17th-century mansion in the heart of the city. At this museum, you will learn about the rich history of Orange and the surrounding region.

The museum’s collections are varied and include archaeological finds, paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts. Of particular note is the collection of Roman artifacts, including mosaics, sculptures, and everyday objects, which paint a vivid picture of life in this region during Roman times.

The museum also features works by well-known regional artists and temporary exhibitions by contemporary artists, making it a dynamic and exciting place to visit. In the museum, you can also learn more about the connection between the House of Orange (the Dutch royals) and the city of Orange.

Museum admission is €5.50 (includes audio guide). Free with your ticket to the Roman Theatre.

Musée d'art de d'histoire d'Orange

The Triumphal Arch of Orange

The Triumphal Arch of Orange, or the “Arc de Triomphe d’Orange” in French, is one of the city’s most famous and historically significant monuments. Built in the first century AD, presumably during the reign of Emperor Augustus, this magnificent triumphal arch is one of the best-preserved examples of Roman architecture in France.

The arch, which stands at an intersection of ancient Roman roads, was originally erected in honor of the veterans of the Second Gallo-Roman Legion and to commemorate Rome’s military successes. At about 19 meters high and 8.4 meters wide, the triumphal arch is an imposing sight and an important symbol of the city’s historical heritage.

The Triumphal Arch of Orange

Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth

The Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth in Orange, also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Nazareth, is another important historical monument in the city. This magnificent cathedral is one of the most important religious buildings in the region and offers a special insight into the Christian history of Provence.

The 13th-century cathedral is an impressive example of Romanesque architecture with Gothic influences. The building is best known for its beautiful western facade, which is decorated with detailed bas-reliefs depicting Biblical scenes.

Inside, the cathedral reveals a richly decorated interior, with beautiful stained glass windows, an impressive wooden choir and an altar adorned with marble. One of the main attractions is the organ, which was built in the 19th century and is still used for concerts and religious services.

The cathedral is currently closed for renovations.

Place des Frères Mounet

Place des Frères Mounet, named after famous French actors Edmond and Paul Mounet, is a charming square in the heart of Orange. This quaint little square, lined by cobblestone streets and beautiful historic buildings, is one of the most picturesque locations in the city and a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike.

The square is decorated with a beautiful statue called Le Génie Antique. Around the square, you will find an array of cozy cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Provençal dishes and local wines. From the square, you look out on the wall of the impressive Roman Theater.

Place des Frères Mounet

Colline Saint-Eutrope

The Colline Saint-Eutrope, or Saint-Eutropius Hill, is a hillside park on the eastern edge of the city. From here you have a breathtaking panoramic view of Orange and can even see Mount Ventoux.

Several trails lead to the top and some are nice and adventurous through the green vegetation. The Colline Saint-Eutrope is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy nature and take in the spectacular views.

View from Colline Saint-Eutrope

Hôtel de Ville d’Orange

The Hôtel de Ville d’Orange, or Orange City Hall, is a beautiful historic building in the center of the city. It was built in the nineteenth century and you can clearly see this in the classic French architecture of the time.

The facade of City Hall is an impressive sight with its symmetrical design, large windows, and a clock at the top. The building is topped by a magnificent bronze statue of the Roman goddess Fortuna, making it a distinctive landmark in the city.

The square in front of City Hall, the Place de la République, is a lively meeting point with stores, restaurants, and cafes. It is also the scene of many events, including the weekly market selling local products.

Hôtel de Ville d'Orange

Musée Aéronautique d’Orange

The Musée Aéronautique d’Orange, also known as the Aviation Museum of Orange, is located just outside the city and is a fascinating tribute to aviation history.

The museum houses an impressive collection of aircraft, both military and civilian, from different eras. The centerpiece of the collection is a series of French fighter jets, including the iconic Mirage. A great place to visit if you are interested in aviation.

Fun day trips from Orange

Orange is a great base from which to explore other beautiful places in Provence. Make sure to check out:


The historic city of Avignon is one of the most beautiful cities in the region and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From Orange, you can get there in half an hour by car or fifteen minutes by train (a fun ride with views of Mont Ventoux).

When you arrive in Avignon you are greeted by the impressive city walls and it doesn’t stop there. The city is filled with cute cobblestone streets. There are cozy terraces everywhere and it smells of freshly baked baguettes and lavender. Must-sees include the Palace of the Popes, the medieval Pont d’Avignon, and the cozy Place d’Horloge.

Avignon is a beautiful French city


Châteauneuf-du-Pape is an idyllic village in the Vaucluse, known for its world-famous wines. It is located about 10 kilometers south of Orange, making it an ideal day trip for wine lovers and culture and history enthusiasts.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape is known for its wine of the same name, one of the most renowned in the Rhône Valley. Here you can visit one of the village’s many wineries and cellars and taste some of the wonderful wines.

Also worth visiting is the Château de Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the ruins of a 14th-century papal castle. Although largely destroyed, you have an impressive view of the Rhône Valley from here.

You can easily reach Châteauneuf-du-Pape by car or by bus. Take line 922 from downtown Orange and you’ll be there in half an hour.

Mont Ventoux

This legendary mountain, also known as the “Giant of Provence,” is a great destination for a day trip from Orange.

At 1912 meters, Mont Ventoux dominates the landscape and offers some of the most breathtaking views in the region. You can choose to climb the mountain on foot, by bike, or by car. Whatever you choose, you will be rewarded with fantastic views.

If you are a cycling enthusiast, climbing Mont Ventoux is an absolute must. It is one of the most famous stages of the Tour de France and a true test of endurance.

So, put on your hiking boots, grab your bike, or start your car and get ready for an unforgettable day at Mont Ventoux!

View of Mont Ventoux from the train
View of Mont Ventoux from the train between Avignon and Orange.

Good food and drink in Orange

The food in Provence is amazing. You can find some great cafés and restaurants in Orange. These are a few of my favorites:

  • La sardine aux yeux bleus is a trendy and colorful joint for breakfast and lunch. They have tasty smoothies, good coffee, delicious waffles, and sandwiches.
  • Street Food Cafe: If you are in the mood for tasty Asian food, you should go to this cute little restaurant. The menu is limited and changes every day (it’s on a chalkboard), but that doesn’t matter. Everything tastes delicious.
  • La Grotte d’Auguste is one of the most interesting restaurants in town. It is located right next to the Roman Theater in a cave. The menu features typical French dishes.
La sardine aux yeux bleus in Orange

The best time to visit Orange

Orange has a Mediterranean climate, which means summers are hot and dry, and winters are mild. The best time to visit is in spring or autumn when the weather is pleasant. Besides, it’s a lot less crowded compared to the high season.

Where to stay in Orange?

Orange is a great city to stay a few days and explore the Provence region. Several nice (and affordable) hotels can be found in the city. Here are some great places to stay in Orange:

  • Logis hôtel restaurant de Provence (2⭐) – this is the hotel where I stayed when I was visiting Orange. It is affordable, has nice clean rooms, and is in a great location right next to the train station.
  • Le Clos d’Orange (3⭐) – a brand new hotel in the middle of the historic city center of Orange. It is colorfully decorated and has a nice courtyard garden.
  • Villa Agrippa (4⭐) – are you looking for something special? This is a B&B in a beautiful villa with a pool in the garden. The location is also good, you are right next to the Triumphal Arch of Orange.

Check out Booking.com for more options, availability, and prices.

Book a trip to Provence

Do you feel like visiting Orange and other beautiful places in Provence? Book your trip now!

🚆 Travel to France by train: France is famous for its high-speed trains. You can basically travel to France by train from anywhere else in Europe. For example, there are multiple daily trains between, London and Paris and Amsterdam and Paris. From there, it’s easy to travel to Orange. Please visit Rail Europe to see all options and book a ticket.

✈️ Traveling to France by airplane: Do you prefer to travel by plane? The nearest airport for Orange is Avignon. In addition, you can fly to Marseille or Montpellier, from here it is about an hour’s drive to Orange. Check WayAway to find the best deals on airplane tickets.

🚘 Rental car in France: If you are planning on staying longer in Orange and Provence, having a rental car is really convenient. Check Discover Cars or Rental Cars to find the best deals for a rental car in France.

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The best things to do in Orange France

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