Top 5 things to do in Paris

Top 5 things to do in Paris

Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world and I’ve traveled to Paris multiple times. It never gets boring because I discover new things and places every single time. These are my favorite things to do in Paris.

Strolling along the Seine

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The best way to explore and one of the first things to do in Paris: take a long walk along the Seine. You will see famous highlights, like Notre-Dame and the Eiffel tower and there are lots of small stalls to buy souvenirs. The bridges are beautiful as well, so make sure to cross the Seine a couple of times.

Visit the Louvre

Top 5 Parijs

There are dozens of museums in Paris that are worth a visit, but the one you really have to visit is the Louvre. Here you will, of course, see Mona Lisa (where it will be very very crowded), but also plenty of other beautiful art and artifacts. For example, there’s a whole section with Egyptian art, but also large paintings by the Dutch Masters, like Rembrandt. You can even see some of the famous statues of Easter Island! The museum is huge, so you won’t be able to see it all in one day, just pick your favorite section.

Explore Père-Lachaise

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I didn’t discover the cemetery Père-Lachaise until my fourth time in Paris, and what a surprise! It’s by far the most beautiful cemetery I’ve ever been to. It’s situated beautifully on a hill, with lots of big mausoleums. Here you will find the graves of some famous artists, like Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and Frederic Chopin. The best thing: it’s very quiet (which is very nice in busy Paris) and at some points, you’ll have a great view of the city and the Eiffel tower.

Relax in Jardin du Luxembourg

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Is the weather really good during your trip and would you like to relax for a bit? Go to Jardin du Luxembourg! It’s a gigantic park (surrounding a palace) and it has lots of chairs to just pick up and place anywhere you like.

Enjoy the views from Sacré-Coeur

Top 5 Parijs

Sacré-Coeur Basilica is situated on a hill in the neighborhood called Montmartre. A great place to enjoy the sunset and shows of many street artists. A great place to start your evening, shop for souvenirs, or have a nice dinner. The view from Sacré-Coeur is one of the best (probably the best) views in Paris, so don’t miss it!

These are my 5 favorite things to do in Paris. What’s your favorite place?

Where would you like to sleep in Paris?

There are many many hotels in Paris, so you’ll always find a place to stay. I prefer to stay close to the Montmartre because I like to go to the Sacre Coeur at night to watch the sunset.

These are my favorite hotels in Paris (after four visits):
Hôtel du Triangle d’Or: from this hotel, it’s just a short walk to Jardin des Tuileries and Opera Garnier. The hotel is very nicely decorated and has a musical theme.
Hotel Diva Opera: just a 15-minute walk from Gare du Nord (which is very convenient if you travel to Paris by train) and a 20-minute walk to the Sacre Coeur. It’s a very cozy hotel in a quiet neighborhood, where you feel like living amongst the locals.

I usually book a hotel room in Paris through, but if you prefer to stay in town a little longer, then it’s nice to have your own apartment. In that case, booking through Airbnb is very convenient. Have you never booked anything through Airbnb before? Make sure to use this link to get a great discount on your first booking.

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First published: April 2016. Last update: February 2020

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