The 12 best beaches in Naxos

The 12 best beaches in Naxos

Did you know that Naxos, the largest island of the Greek Cyclades, is a great beach destination? This is an overview of the best beaches in Naxos.

If you are looking for a paradise vacation destination, visiting the Greek island of Naxos is highly recommended. This island is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the Mediterranean.

Whether you feel like relaxing on the soft sand, snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters, or engaging in adventurous water sports, Naxos has something for everyone. I stayed in Naxos for a week and made it my mission to visit as many beaches as possible. The result is this article with the most beautiful Naxos beaches!

These are the best beaches in Naxos

What are the best beaches in Naxos? This is an overview of the most beautiful beaches in Naxos.

Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokopios is one of the most popular beaches on Naxos and it is not hard to see why. The fine sand, azure sea, and impressive dunes make this beach beautiful. Here you can sunbathe, swim, or enjoy a refreshing drink in one of the vibrant beach bars.

What makes it even better, is that this beach is also very easily accessible from Naxos town. It is only fifteen minutes away by car. In addition, you can also take the bus, which goes every half hour and only costs €2.

  • Tip: If you walk all the way down the beach to the north you come to Avili. This is a restaurant where you can enjoy some great food and refreshing drinks. From the cozy terrace, you have a beautiful view of Agios Prokopios.
The beach of Agios Prokopios

Plaka Beach

If you take the bus from Naxos Chora in the direction of Agios Prokopios and get off at the very last stop, you will be at Plaka Beach. This was my favorite beach on the island. Plaka’s long sandy beach offers miles of pristine beauty.

With its crystal clear waters and peaceful atmosphere, Plaka is perfect if you want to escape the crowds. Part of the beach has some (low) dunes, allowing you to lie sheltered when the wind is stronger. This beach is also ideal for long walks along the shoreline while enjoying the beautiful views of the sea and the nearby island of Paros.

Plaka Beach on Naxos

Agia Anna

Between Plaka Beach and Agios Prokopios, there are more beaches that I would like to mention in this article. In fact, near the picturesque village of Agia Anna, you will also find a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and soft sand.

The beach is divided into two parts. The northern part is located against the town, making it a bit more crowded. There are restaurants and a small harbor where you can see boats leaving. The southern part is behind a sort of nature reserve with a small white church and here it is a bit rockier. This is also a nude beach. Make sure to check it out though, because one of the rocks seems to rise from the sea and is painted to look like a shark!


Between Agia Ana and Plaka is another beach, this is Maragas. You barely notice walking to another beach when you walk to Maragas from Plaka because they are connected. What you do notice is that the sand here is a little different, I found it to be a little less sandy and a little more (tiny) pebbles. It is still very comfortable!

Maragas is a perfect place if you don’t want the crowds of Agios Prokopios, but also don’t want the extreme tranquility of Plaka. It is not super crowded, but there are some nice beach bars and you can rent beds with umbrellas in some places.

  • Tip: At Maragas there is also an incredibly cool cafe called Cedar Cafe. Here I enjoyed a delicious milkshake on a lovely bench under the shady trees overlooking the beach and azure sea. Wow!

Mikri Vigla

Mikri Vigla is a village on a small peninsula and the water here has an improbably beautiful azure color. The beach is located on both the north and south sides of the peninsula.

There is a lot of wind on the north side, which is why Mikri Vigla is known as a paradise for kitesurfers. Consequently, the waves are quite high! Even if you are not an experienced kitesurfer, it is a wonderful beach to visit. The sand is incredibly soft and the turquoise water is beautiful to see. Of course, it’s also amazing to see the kite surfers jumpin into the air.

Mikri Vigla

Paralia Kastraki

The water on the south side of Mikri Vigla is a lot calmer and here the beach is also named Paralia Kastraki. This is another great beach to explore. The water is just as beautiful but without the high waves. There are also a few rocks, which makes the water even clearer. This is a perfect beach for snorkeling.

  • Tip: Put this snorkel mask on your packing list for Naxos so you can enjoy the beautiful underwater world as soon as you arrive!
Paralia Kastraki

Agios Georgios

Many people stay in Naxos town (as did I) and sometimes you don’t feel like traveling to visit a nice beach. Fortunately, Naxos town also has a beach, which is called Agios Georgios. While it is not as beautiful and impressive as the other beaches on this list, it is very convenient. There are many restaurants and a small supermarket nearby, so you don’t have to look far for food or drinks.

On the beach, you can choose to rent a deck chair and umbrella, or you can just lay your towel in the sand. Because it is in a bay, the water here is usually calm. Also, the water is quite shallow, making Agios Georgios a perfect beach for families with young children.

Agios Georgios near Naxos town


We continue again to explore the beautiful beaches on the southwest coast! Aliko (also written as Alyko) is a quiet and pristine beach and is located in a bay. Because of this, it doesn’t get too windy and the water is very calm, making it a perfect beach for swimming and snorkeling. In addition, it is surrounded by dunes and trees, making it a wonderfully peaceful place.

Next to the beach, you can find the ruins of a resort hotel. It was discovered by artists who created some amazing murals here. It’s like walking around an open-air museum!

Hawaii Beach

Near Aliko is another beautiful beach called Hawaii Beach. It is somewhat hidden behind a nature reserve and high cliffs, reminding me a bit of the beaches in the Portuguese Algarve.

It got its name because it is said to resemble the beaches in Hawaii. I have to admit that I think that the Hawaiian Beaches are a bit prettier, but it is definitely a beautiful beach to see!

Hawaii Beach on Naxos


Pyrgaki is just south of Hawaii Beach and Aliko and is the widest beach I have seen on Naxos. It is far away from the hustle and bustle of the popular tourist spots on Naxos. There are also almost no facilities, making it feel like an even more secluded beach.

Because of its vastness and length, it is a wonderful beach for a long beach walk. When I was there it was very windy, this made it even less crowded and I had the whole beach to myself. Of course, I was completely covered in sand afterward, haha!



Agiassos is the southernmost beach on the west coast of Naxos and this is another great place for those seeking peace and quiet. It is surrounded by nature and mountains and there is a tiny village with two restaurants and a church. It feels a bit like being at the end of Naxos here. A beautiful place!


Roos Beach

Driving back from Agiassos, I accidentally came across another beautiful beach that I would like to share with you. It is called Roos Beach, consists of two parts, and is quite small. It is wonderfully sheltered among the cliffs, making it a great place to stay on days when the wind is a little stronger. Roos Beach is located in a rocky area, making it also a very good beach for snorkeling. A beautiful hidden gem!

Rose Beach

Map of the best beaches in Naxos

Where to find all these beaches? This is a map of the most beautiful Naxos beaches.

Naxos beaches map

This is an image. Click here to zoom in.

More beautiful beaches in Naxos

Unfortunately, I was not able to visit all the beaches of Naxos during my visit. But from what I understood from the locals is that the most beautiful beaches are all on the southeast side of the island. This is because the wind usually comes from the north and therefore the coast on that side is much rougher. Consequently, far fewer tourists come here. So I focused on the beaches on the southwest side and visited almost all of them.

Beaches I have not visited yet but have heard good things about are Psili Ammos Beach (a sandy beach on the east coast), Moutsouna Beach (on the east coast near the quaint fishing village of Moutsouna), and Lionas Beach (a rocky beach on the east coast).

Beautiful hotels near the Naxos beaches

Would you like to spend the night at one of these beautiful Naxos beaches? These are some great beachfront accommodations:

  • Acti Plaka Hotel (3⭐) – A cozy hotel near the beautiful Plaka Beach. It consists of studios and apartments, and there is a beautiful outdoor pool overlooking the sea.
  • Finikas Hotel (4⭐) – This is one of the finest and best-rated hotels on the island. It is located on the coast near Aliko Beach. The hotel has a huge garden with pool and sea views.
  • 18 Grapes Hotel (5⭐) – Fancy a luxury beach vacation? This hotel in Agios Prokopios is a wonderful place to stay. Around the large pool are lovely loungers, the rooms are modernly decorated and fully equipped, and there are even rooms with private pools.

Check for more great accommodations, availability, and prices.

Book a trip to Naxos

As you can see, Naxos is a great place for a relaxing vacation. What are you waiting for? Book your trip now!

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