The best things to do in Bergamo Italy

15 awesome things to do in Bergamo Italy

The Italian city of Bergamo is the oldest city in the Lombardy region. What are the best things to do in Bergamo? 15 tips.

About Bergamo

Where is Bergamo? Bergamo is a city in northern Italy and is located about 50 kilometers northeast of Milan.

Is it fun to visit Bergamo? Yes, the city is absolutely worth visiting! You can use it as a base for a fun vacation in northern Italy or visit Bergamo as a day trip from Milan.

Bergamo is in fact one of the oldest cities in the Lombardy region and it has, among other things, a beautiful medieval city center. In addition, Bergamo is also a perfect destination to taste the most delicious Italian food. In short, visiting Bergamo is highly recommended.

The best things to do in Bergamo

What are the most beautiful sights and the best things to do in Bergamo Italy? Here are 15 awesome places to visit in Bergamo.

Explore Città Alta

The reason most tourists visit Bergamo is because of the beautiful Città Alta. This is the old walled medieval town and it is located a bit on a hill. This is the place to enjoy getting lost in the narrow streets, eating in cozy restaurants, and discovering the most beautiful squares.

Città Alta Bergamo

Take the Funicolare Città Alta

You can of course climb the hill to Città Alta via one of the many roads and paths, but it is even more fun to take the old Funicolare Città Alta. This little cable car will take you to the old town after a few minutes. A unique way to enter a medieval city.

Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe

Bergamo has many cute little squares and if you take the funicolare to the old town, you get off at the beautiful Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe. This is an incredibly beautiful square with restaurants and cute little stores. A good place to start your Bergamo city trip.

Piazza Vecchia

Another beautiful square is Piazza Vecchia and this is also the most famous square in Bergamo. The square is surrounded by beautiful historic buildings and in the middle is a fountain.

Piazza Vecchia in Bergamo


In the square is Campanone, a city tower from the twelfth century. It is 53 meters high and you can climb this tower for a beautiful view of Bergamo. Fun detail: at 10 p.m., Campanone’s clock strikes a hundred times. In old times, this used to be the time when the city gates closed.

Cappella Colleoni

A little hidden behind the Campanone is Cappella Colleoni and this is perhaps the most beautiful building in Bergamo. This is a chapel and mausoleum of the fifteenth century, built especially for Bartolomeo Colleoni. It is incredibly richly decorated and one of the most beautiful Bergamo sights.

Cappella Colleoni in Bergamo

Basilica Maria Maggiore

The Capella Colleoni is built against the Basilica Maria Maggiore. The outside looks a lot more austere than the chapel, but when you step inside the church, you’ll be amazed. It’s beautifully decorated.

Parco Del Castello Di San Vigilio

A little northwest of Città Alta, you’ll find Parco Del Castello Di San Vigilio with the ruins of the Castle of San Vigilio. If you like a nice view, you should definitely visit this castle. This castle used to be the residence of the rulers of Bergamo. You can walk there, but also take the cable car.

Since it is located almost 500 meters above sea level, it makes it a great viewpoint.

Discover the old city walls

If you feel like going on a nice walk, it is definitely worth exploring the old city walls of Bergamo. Along the walls are several ancient gates to admire, such as the beautiful Porta San Giacomo. A walking path runs along the walls (it’s actually a kind of park) and there are benches everywhere. Again, this is a good place to enjoy a beautiful view.

City walls in Bergamo with the Porta San Giacomo

Italian food in Bergamo

Are you in love with Italian cuisine? Then you’re in the right place in Bergamo! Bergamo is bursting with cozy restaurants, and polenta is a typical dish eaten widely in this region. In addition, the delicious stracciatella ice cream also originated in Bergamo.

You can find great food on almost every street corner. I myself had lunch in a place called Vineria Cozzi and it was delicious.

Tip! Do you think it’s super fun to taste the local dishes? During this traditional culinary tour in Bergamo, you’ll taste the most delicious local food.

Cità Bassa

There is more to see in Bergamo than just the sights in Città Alta. The lower town, or Cità Bassa, is also worth visiting. This part of the city is a lot more modern and there are also several interesting museums to visit here.

For example, here you will find the Museo del Burattino, an extraordinary puppet museum. In addition, you also have many shopping streets here where you can shop well.

Discover Bergamo with a guide

Want to learn as much as possible about Bergamo’s history during your visit? Then book A guided tour with a local guide. This way you’ll learn about Bergamo’s history and visit the most beautiful places in Bergamo.

Fun Bergamo day trips

You can also use Bergamo as a base to see more of northern Italy. These are beautiful places in the Bergamo area that you can visit on a day trip.


Milan, one of the most famous Italian cities, is not too far from Bergamo. It is Italy’s second largest city after Rome and is best known for fashion and design. And there are definitely a lot of fun things to do in Milan.

For example, visit the enormous Duomo, see Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper and wander through Galleria Vittoria Emanuele, one of the world’s most luxurious shopping streets.

Lake Como

Bergamo is not far from the beautiful Lake Como. The lake with its special oblong shapes has many picturesque places, each of which is worth visiting. For example, visit picturesque Lecco, Varenna, and Como or go sailing on Lake Como.


About 40 kilometers east of Bergamo you will find Franciacorta, a famous wine region. This is the perfect place to taste wine and view the beautiful sprawling vineyards.

Tip! Want to drink wine but not drive yourself? Then book this wine experience in Franciacorta with a visit to the iconic Franciacorta winery, a delicious lunch, and a tour of the region.

Where to stay in Bergamo

As you can see, there is quite a lot to do in Bergamo! Therefore, it is highly recommended to spend a night (or more) in the city. These are some fine hotels in Bergamo:

Check for an overview of prices and availability on the dates you want to visit Bergamo.

Book a trip to Bergamo Italy

These were all my Bergamo tips! Would you like to visit Bergamo? These are useful websites to book your trip to Bergamo.

  • Italy is easy to reach by train from all over Europe. Check Rail Europe for options and prices.
  • In addition, both Bergamo and Milan have international airports. Check WayAway or Skyscanner for options and prices.
  • Fancy an interesting tour or fun activity? Check out Get Your Guide and Viator for the possibilities.

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The best things to do in Bergamo Italy

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