The best things to do in Tuscany

The best things to do in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most popular holiday destinations in all of Italy. The best things to do in Tuscany In this article, you’ll read all about it.

Why is Tuscany such a popular holiday destination?

Tuscany is located in the center of Italy and is one of the most popular Italian regions for tourists. Why Tuscany? It has a beautiful hilly landscape and there are many medieval towns and villages to be found in this area. It is impossible to get bored during a trip to Tuscany.

The best things to do in Tuscany

What to do in Tuscany? Here are 6 tips.

The tower of Pisa

The tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is an icon and a must-see when you are in Tuscany. It absolutely belongs at the top of this list of things to do in Tuscany. It is a bell tower that belongs to the Duomo di Pisa (Pisa Cathedral). The Tower of Pisa was built in 1173 and has been leaning more and more since its construction. It got really bad in 1990, by then the tilt had reached 5,5 degrees. They’ve done some reconstructions and nowadays, the tilt is “only” 3,97 degrees.

The cathedral and tower are located in Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles) and this is truly one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany. The entire square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and everywhere you look you see gorgeous buildings.

Would you like to visit the buildings in Piazza dei Miracoli? Order your ticket here.


Do you like old towns with narrow medieval streets? Then you really have to go to Siena! Here you get the feeling that you are going back hundreds of years in time. The city also has many beautiful sights, such as the enormous Duomo di Siena (Siena Cathedral) and the famous Piazza del Campo with the 112-meter high Torre del Mangia. This square can get very busy in the summer because of the Palio. This is a horse race between the different neighborhoods in the city. During the race, many people wear medieval clothing. It’s absolutely worth it to visit Siena during these races!


Lucca should certainly not be missed during your vacation in Tuscany. This city is slightly less crowded compared to the other famous cities in Tuscany. But it might even be more beautiful! The city is surrounded by an old fortress wall and you can explore it by walking on it. In the city, you will find many narrow Italian streets and beautiful squares. Don’t forget to climb the Torre Guinigi (a tower from the thirteenth century, with trees growing on it), for a great view of the city.

The Tuscan Countryside

The Tuscan countryside - photo Luca Micheli via Unsplash

Photo: Luca Micheli | Unsplash

Do you want to escape from the cities for a while? Go and explore the Tuscan countryside! You can do it with a rental car, but it might even be more fun on a Vespa. Here you will see beautiful hills full of old villages, vineyards, cypresses, and pine trees. So, enjoy! It all looks amazingly beautiful and it feels like you are traveling through a movie set.


Perhaps the most famous city in Tuscany: Florence. There is so much to see and do there that you can easily stay there for several days. Especially when you’re an art lover, you should make sure to stay here for multiple days.

In Florence, you can visit the Uffizi Gallery (here you can see world-famous works by Boticelli, among other things), enjoy the tranquility in the beautiful gardens of Palazzo Pitti, and walk on the famous Ponte Vecchio.

Eat delicious Italian food

delicious food in Tuscany

To be very honest, you won’t see me eating at an Italian restaurant in my own country in The Netherlands. I like it, but I often prefer to eat other food when I go out for dinner. In Tuscany, you don’t have that much to choose from, and that’s not a bad thing. They know how to make ridiculously delicious pizzas and pasta with the most simple ingredients. It is also very cheap (paying about €5 to €7 for a pizza is quite normal). In fact, I liked it so much that I often had a hot meal both in the afternoon and evening. And also for wine lovers, Tuscany is a great region to discover. In Tuscany, you can enjoy Italian cuisine to the fullest.

How do you book a vacation to Tuscany?

As you can see there are many fun things to do in Tuscany! Do you want to book a trip to Tuscany? You can choose from a package holiday or arrange a trip to Tuscany yourself.

Book a package deal

With a package holiday, you have arranged your vacation to Tuscany in one go. There are several organizations that offer package tours to Tuscany. These can be very different trips, so check which one suits you best. Here are some great trips to Tuscany:

  • Premium Tuscany by Intrepid Travel. Explore Tuscany, Rome, and Venice in one trip.
  • Cycle Tuscany by Intrepid Travel. Explore Tuscany by bike!
  • And make sure to check I love Holidays if you’re looking for a great discount on a plane ticket & hotel combination deal.

Organize a vacation to Tuscany yourself

Of course, you can also arrange a trip to Tuscany yourself. If you live in Europe, you might even want to drive to Italy from your home country.

But you can also travel to Tuscany by train or plane. Traveling by train is really easy within Europe. You can book train tickets for most destinations in Europe via Rail Europe.

In addition, you can also fly to Tuscany, with Pisa and Florence as the largest airports. Check Skyscanner for a timetable and to find the cheapest tickets.

Where to stay in Tuscany?

It is easiest to book a hotel, apartment, or hostel through There are so many options! In addition, you can also book a beautiful apartment or holiday home in Tuscany. You will find the most beautiful holiday homes in Tuscany at Belvilla and Nature House.

How to get around in Tuscany?

Getting around in Tuscany is very easy by train, most cities have a train station and are therefore easily accessible. Check Omio for train tickets.

Would you like to explore the countryside with the small villages? Then it is wise to rent a car. Good websites to rent a car are Rental Cars and Discover Cars.

Would you like to read more about a Tuscany vacation?

Do you want to prepare even better for your trip to Tuscany? You might want to order one of these great travel guides:

Lonely Planet Florence & Tuscany

DK Eyewitness Florence and Tuscany

Would you like to read more about traveling to Italy? On this website, you can read more about this gorgeous country. You might also like to read these articles:

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