16 Best things to do in Amman Jordan

16 Best things to do in Amman Jordan

Amman, the capital of Jordan, is full of history and culture, making it a very interesting place to visit. These are the best things to do in Amman Jordan.

About Amman

Amman, the vibrant capital of Jordan, is a city steeped in history and culture. Located in the heart of the Middle East, Amman offers a unique blend of ancient ruins and modern architecture, making it a fascinating destination for any traveler.

With a history dating back to the Bronze Age, Amman is steeped in ancient civilizations and archaeological treasures. The Amman citadel, situated on a hilltop, is one of the city’s most notable landmarks. Here you will find remains from different eras, including Roman, Byzantine, and early Islamic structures. Amman’s amphitheater, an impressive Roman theater, is another highlight not to be missed.

In addition to its historical significance, Amman also has a thriving modern side. The city is dotted with modern skyscrapers, chic shopping malls, and lively markets where you can discover local crafts and products. There are also beautiful murals everywhere. Amman’s neighborhoods reflect the city’s diversity, from the bustling center with its busy streets to the charming old neighborhoods with narrow alleys.

What makes Amman truly special is the hospitality of the Jordanian people. The friendly and warm welcome of the locals makes travelers feel right at home. You can enjoy delicious dishes in the many traditional restaurants and cafes scattered throughout the city, where you can get acquainted with the flavors of Jordanian cuisine.

Moreover, Amman is an ideal base from which to explore the rest of Jordan. From the capital, you can easily reach the world-famous Petra, the beautiful Wadi Rum Desert, the picturesque Salt, the green Jordan Valley, and the Dead Sea, where you can float on the salt water.

In short, Amman is a fascinating destination that offers a perfect balance between ancient history and modern culture. With its rich heritage, hospitality, and countless attractions, Amman is a must-visit for travelers seeking an unforgettable Middle Eastern experience.

The best things to do in Amman Jordan

What tot do in Amman? These are the best things to do and the most beautiful Amman sights.

Citadel of Amman

As I mentioned before, visiting the Amman Citadel is one of the best things to do in Amman Jordan. Located on a hilltop in the center, the complex displays remains of various civilizations that have inhabited the site. Admire the Hercules Temple and the Ummayad Palace, enjoy the panoramic views of the city, and explore the Archaeological Museum.

Citadel of Amman

Roman Theater of Amman

Amman’s Roman theater is a second-century Roman masterpiece. The impressive structure is set against a hill and can accommodate 6,000 visitors. Even to this day, you can attend performances there.

Even when there are no performances, the theater is worth a visit. Exploring the theater feels like a walk through history. In addition, from here you can again have beautiful views of the hilly city.

Roman theater of Amman

The Jordan Museum

The Jordan Museum is the modern treasury of Jordanian history and culture. From the Dead Sea Scrolls to archaeological artifacts, the museum offers a fascinating journey through time. Explore Jordan’s rich heritage through exhibits and learn about the country’s diverse heritage. A must-visit if you want to learn more about Jordan’s history. A cool and interesting place to start your trip in Jordan.

Tip! Want to see The Jordan Museum at your leisure from the comfort of your armchair? Visit the museum’s website for a virtual tour.

Rainbow Street

Rainbow Street Amman is one of the most colorful streets in the city. The street runs right through an old neighborhood but has been completely pimped up with colorful artwork. The street is home to plenty of hip restaurants, cafes and fun boutiques, and art galleries. Rainbow Street is one of the best and most fun places to sample local delicacies.

Rainbow street in Amman

King Abdullah I Mosque

The King Abdullah I Mosque is the first mosque I ever visited in my life and I was very impressed. Built-in the 1980s, the mosque is one of the most important mosques in the city. The structure stands out tremendously thanks to its large blue dome.

The mosque is open to tourists. You do need to enter covered, for this, you can get a special robe on site. Shoes and sandals must be taken off upon entry. Near the mosque is a large store where you can buy local products and delicacies.

King Abdullah I Mosque in Amman

Darat al Funun

This cultural institution is similar to a museum of modern art. At the museum, you can admire the e Khalid Shoman collection. This is one of the first collections in the Arab world dedicated exclusively to contemporary art. It is housed in an old building, creating a special atmosphere. You also occasionally have beautiful views of the city. Unfortunately, I was not able to visit this museum myself because it was closed, but it is definitely on my list for the next trip.

Roman Nymphaeum

The Roman Nymphaeum is a historic complex from the second century and at the time served as a public fountain complex. At the time, it was surrounded by lush gardens. Now only a ruin remains, but a very special one. It is the largest preserved Roman fountain in Jordan and is now partially restored. An extraordinary monument that you can visit for free.

Sugar Market

Do you like hustle and bustle, bright colors, and local delicacies? Go to the Sugar Market! This lively and colorful market in downtown Amman is known for its wide assortment of confectionery and traditional delicacies. From local specialties to international sweets, the market offers a plethora of tastes and smells. Here you can not only enjoy delicious fresh fruits and vegetables but also taste many sweet treats, such as baklava, nougat, chocolate, dried fruits, and much more.

At the market in Amman

The Duke’s Diwan

The Duke’s Diwan is a historic building on busy King Faisal Street in downtown Amman. The building is more than 100 years old and has had many different functions. For example, it was once a post office. Now it is a museum/cultural complex that you can visit for free. The rooms look just as they did in the nineteenth century, and from the large balcony you have a nice view of one of the busiest and most colorful streets in Amman.

The Duke's Diwan in Amman

King Faisal Street

Do you like hustle and bustle and liveliness? Then it is really recommended to take a stroll down King Faisal Street. It is a bustling location with a lot of stores, restaurants, and cafes. It is a street popular with both locals and tourists. It is a great place to store, enjoy local cuisine, and sample Amman’s vibrant street culture.

King Faisal Street in Amman

Gold Souq

On a side street of King Faisal Street, you will find the Gold Souq. This is a vibrant market known for its beautiful assortment of gold jewelry. The souq offers an array of traditional and modern gold jewelry, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. A paradise for jewelry lovers and a special place to buy a special souvenir!

Gold Souq in Amman

Al Kalha Stairs (street art)

The Al Kalha Stairs are an iconic and picturesque staircase in the historic district of Jabal Amman in Amman. This staircase is known for its unusual mosaics and colorful street art that adorn its walls. You can find street art of all shapes and sizes here. For example, during my visit, I encountered the street poet Sary Subhi who recites poems (in perfect English) for a small fee. A very interesting experience!

There are also several souvenir stores with locally made products and cool cafes and restaurants. For example, visit Jadal for Knowledge and Culture. A place where you can work, meet nice people, have nice drinks, and admire art. The Al Kalha Stairs is the perfect place if you are looking for conviviality.

Street art in Amman

Go on tour with Anas

I visited most of the above places with a guide named Anas. He organizes the Amman Through Local Eyes Tour. This is a unique tour where you not only see the old historic Amman, but also modern Amman and learn more about life in Amman today. Anas knows an awful lot about the city, tells the most extraordinary stories, and takes you to places most tour guides won’t take you. This way you will learn more about local life. Very fun and also educational!

You can book the Through Local Eyes tour through this website.

With guide Anas in Amman

The Royal Automobile Museum

Are you interested in cars? Make sure to check out the next Amman attraction. On the east side of the city, you will find the Royal Automobile Museum. This museum houses an impressive collection of historic cars, including vehicles that belonged to Jordan’s royal family. A fascinating destination for car enthusiasts.

The cave of the seven sleepers (Ashabul Kahf)

The Cave of the Seven Sleepers is another historical highlight in Amman. This legendary cave is located in the southeastern part of the city. According to legend, seven young men slept here for more than 300 years during the early Christian period. Are you interested in religious history and spirituality? Then this fascinating place is really recommended to visit.

Sample local delicacies

The food in Jordan is diverse and incredibly delicious, and Amman is a good place to sample some of the tastiest delicacies. How about for example:

  • Kunafa (my personal favorite), is a traditional Arabic dessert made of spun pastry filled with cheese and topped with sugar syrup.
  • Falafel is something you might have tried already as you can get it in almost every city. These are crunchy balls of ground chickpeas and spices, served in a sandwich or as part of a mezze platter. So delicious! I’m told you can get the tastiest falafel at AlQuds Falafel. Even the King of Jordan gets his falafel sandwich here.
  • Mansaf is the national dish of Jordan and an absolute must-try in Amman. It consists of stewed lamb cooked in a yogurt sauce and served with rice and pine nuts. I myself do not eat meat, so I was not able to taste this dish. But from what I have heard, it is very tasty!

Where to stay in Amman

As you can see, there is plenty to see and do in Amman, so it is recommended that you spend one or more nights in the city. Hotel rooms in downtown Amman are generally a lot cheaper than in European capitals, so it’s nice to treat yourself to a nice room. These are some of the finest hotels in Amman.

  • Bristol Hotel (5⭐) – This very luxurious (yet affordable!) hotel is a few minutes’ drive from downtown. I slept here during my first night in Amman and I was pleasantly surprised. Breakfast is nice and extensive.
  • Hotel Philosophy (3⭐) – Nice hotel in the busy city center. The rooms have modern decor with a cool artsy twist.
  • The House Boutique Suites (5⭐) – There is no shortage of 5-star hotels in Amman and this is one of the finest. The rooms are spacious and modern, and from some rooms, you have a fantastic view of the city. There is also a nice outdoor pool and a gym.

Check out Booking.com for more options, availability, and prices.

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The best things to do in Amman Jordan


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