Video a week in Lisbon - Portugal

Video: a week in Lisbon

I spent a week in Lisbon and explored the gorgeous capital of Portugal. Also, I made some day trips, to Sintra and Cascais. Check this video to get inspired!

What did I do in Lisbon?

I spent a week in Lisbon in March (right before the lockdown. After months of rain in The Netherlands, I was really happy to see the sun again. The weather was great, it was sunny and between 19 and 27 degrees Celcius.

My plan to meet some digital nomads (to prepare for my new life) fell apart. Because of COVID-19, all meetings got canceled. However, I did have a great time and explored some gorgeous parts of the city, like Belém, Alfama, and the historic city center. I also went on a couple of day trips, to Sintra (where I visited the colorful Palácio da Pena) and Cascais.

During the last days of my trip, there were more and more signs that a lockdown was coming soon, which was a very weird end to my week in Lisbon.

Video: a week in Lissabon

To prepare for my week in Lisbon, I used these travel guides:

Fodor’s Inside Lisbon

Lonely Planet Pocket Lisbon

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