Hiking Camí de Ronda | Costa Brava, Spain

Hiking Camí de Ronda | Costa Brava, Spain

The Camí de Ronda (GR92) is a great hiking trail that follows the coastline of the Costa Brava in Spain. I hiked a section of this gorgeous trail.

What is the Camí de Ronda?

Along the coastline of the Costa Brava in Spain, you’ll find one of the most scenic long-distance trails in Europe: the Camí de Ronda (also known as the GR92). The trail starts in Portbou (close to the French border) and it ends in Uldecona. The path was originally constructed to help the Guardia Civil fight off smugglers, but nowadays it’s a popular long-distance hike.

The length of the trail is 583 kilometers, dan you basically walk from one beautiful bay to another. It’s very easy to hike this trail in sections because you will pass many cute coastal villages, that are easily accessible by public transport.

My section hike on the Camí de Ronda

I hiked a small section (8,7 kilometers) of the GR92 in the Costa Brava, between the towns of Llançà and Port de la Selva. An impression:

Start in Llançà at El Castellar

El Castellar
El Castellar in Llançà.

I started my hike at El Castellar, a peninsula next to the harbor of Llançà. You can climb El Castellar and from the top, you’ll have a great view of the area. At the far left, you can see our destination for today: Port de la Selva.

View of the GR92 from El Castellar
View of the coastline from El Castellar. You can see Port de la Selva in the distance.

The beautiful bays of Llançà

After climbing El Castellar, you walk towards the south, with the bright blue Mediterranean sea on your left side. The path is paved very well and goes up and down, you will have to climb some stairs. Along the coast, you will see a couple of beautiful small bays, where you can relax.

Small beach in Llanca
One of the many beautiful secluded in Llançà.

You’ll also spot a GR92 sign, so you know for sure you’re hiking on the Camí de Ronda.

Sign of the GR92
Sign of the GR92 to make sure you are on the right trail.

Far de Punta s’Arenella

When you walk further south, you’ll leave Llançà. This is a beautiful part of Camí de Ronda, you will have some spectacular views.

Hiking trail at the Costa Brava near Llanca
The path follows the coastline.
GR92 Costa Brava

At some point, you’ll reach the lighthouse Far de Punta s’Arenella, which is on a phenomenal location.

Far de Punta s’Arenella
Lighthouse Far de Punta s’Arenella.
Coastline between Llanca and Port de la Selva
Gorgeous views.

Going to Port de la Selva

When you leave the lighthouse, it’s only a short hike to Port de la Selva. Port de la Selva is a nice little town, in a bay. A perfect spot to go for a great Spanish lunch or hang out at the beach. From Port de la Selva, you can choose to hike further, into the mountains, or take a bus to Llançà.

Beautiful bay near Port de la Selva
Another beautiful bay near Port de la Selva
Almost in Port de la Selva
We’re almost there!

The total length of this section is 8,7 kilometers.

Staying in Llançà

The town of Llançà is a great place to stay when you’re planning on hiking a section of the Camí de Ronda and exploring the Costa Brava. Beautiful towns like Girona and Figueres (where you’ll the Salvador Dalí Museum) are just a short train ride away.

Llançà itself is also a great place to explore. It has a beautiful medieval center and it’s not overrun by tourists (yet). A true hidden gem! There are plenty of hotels to stay in, which you can easily book through Booking.com.

Are you planning on staying a little longer (which I can highly recommend)? You might like to stay in an apartment, which you can book through Airbnb. Have you never booked anything through Airbnb before? Make sure to use this link to get a great discount on your first stay.

This was my experience of hiking a section of the Camí de Ronda. I can’t wait to go back to the Costa Brava and finish it someday. Have you ever hiked a section of Camí de Ronda?

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Last update: June 2020.


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