Hiking Camí de Ronda_ tips and a trail journal

Hiking Camí de Ronda: tips and a trail journal

The Camí de Ronda (GR92) is a great hiking trail that follows the coastline of the Costa Brava in Spain. What are the stages and what does it look like? You can read all about it in this article.

What is the Camí de Ronda?

The Camí de Ronda is a beautiful hiking trail along the coast of the Costa Brava. The trail is also known as the Camino de Ronda. The Camí de Ronda is part of the GR92, a European long-distance hiking trail.

The path was originally built to help the Guardia Civil control the coast and intercept smugglers. Now it is a popular long-distance hike along the Catalan coast.

Several descriptions of the Camí de Ronda can be found online, but they are all different when it comes to length, starting point, and end point. For this article, I will tell you about the route of the Camí de Ronda in the Costa Brava. This route starts at Portbou (against the French border) and ends in Lloret del Mar, just above Blanes.

The total length of this hike is about 190 kilometers and you basically walk from one beautiful beach to another. It is easy to break up the route into small pieces, as you pass through several villages and you can catch the train or bus in many places.

Camí de Ronda stages

The Camí de Ronda has 10 stages, with a length between 10 and 23.5 kilometers. These are the Camí de Ronda stages:

Portbou – Llançà | 10 kilometer

Llançà – Cadaqués | 19,5 kilometer

Cadaqués – Roses | 21,5 kilometer

Roses – L’Escala | 20,5 kilometer

L’Escala – Torroella | 21 kilometer

Torroella – Begur | 21,5 kilometer

Begur – Palamos | 22,5 kilometer

Palamos – S’Agaró / Sant Feliu de Guíxols | 14,5 kilometer

S’Agaró / Sant Feliu de Guíxols – Tossa de Mar | 23,5 kilometer

Tossa de Mar – Lloret de Mar | 13 kilometer

For an overview of elevation changes, hiking times, and gpx files, I would like to refer you to this website about hiking along the Costa Brava.

It is very easy to navigate the Camí de Ronda. There are plenty of signs along the trail pointing the way.

Sign of the GR92
Sign of the GR92, you are on the right trail!

Would you like to bring a guide while hiking the Camí de Ronda? In the Camins de Ronda, the Costa Brava way guide you’ll find more information and maps of the GR92 and the Camí de Ronda.

How do you get to the Camí de Ronda?

You can choose to start in Portbou or in Lloret de Mar. Both places are easily accessible by public transportation.

You can easily travel to Costa Brava by train. It is convenient to keep Girona or Barcelona as your final destination. From there, you can continue your trip by taking a train or bus to Portbou or Lloret de Mar. Train tickets can be found on the website of Rail Europe.

In addition, you can also choose to fly to Barcelona or Girona. Both cities have an international airport. Check WayAway for the cheapest tickets. From the airport, you can continue to travel by public transportation. Personally, I always check Google Maps for train and bus schedules.

Trail journal Camí de Ronda: from Llançà to Port de la Selva

In the summer of 2017, I hiked a short stretch (8.7 kilometers) of the Camí de Ronda between the villages of Llançà and Port de la Selva. Below is a brief report so you can see what to expect when you’re hiking this beautiful trail.

Start in Llançà: El Castellar

El Castellar
El Castellar in Llançà.

A nice start to this route is El Castellar, near the port of Llançà. El Castellar is a peninsula (a large rock in the sea), which you can climb. From here you have a beautiful view of the harbor and coastline of Llançà.

View of the GR92 from El Castellar
View from El Castellar. In the distance, you can already see Port de la Selva.

The bays of Llançà

From El Castellar, you follow the trail in the southern direction. The path meanders along the shore and you have to climb occasional steps to proceed. On the left, you’ll see the Mediterranean Sea and on the right, there’s the city of Llançà. Along the way, you will encounter a number of bays with beaches and see many cacti, a very beautiful sight.

Small cove with beach near Llanca
One of the many beautiful coves with a beach in Llançà.

Far de Punta s’Arenella

The coast becomes more and more beautiful as you walk further south and at some point, you leave the residential area of Llançà behind you.

Hiking along the Costa Brava near Llanca
The path undulates along the coast at Llançà.
GR92 along the Costa Brava
Sometimes the path is also completely flat.

At some point, you come to the lighthouse Far de Punta s’Arenella, which stands in a phenomenal location. What a view!

Far de Punta s’Arenella
Lighthouse Far de Punta s’Arenella.
The coastline between Llanca and Port de Selva
It is so beautiful here!

Continuing towards Port de la Selva

From Far de Punta s’Arenella, it is only a short distance to Port de la Selva. A beautiful village on the beach in a bay. Here you can go for some delicious food or a drink. From Port de la Selva you can take the bus back to Llançà.

Beautiful bay at Port de Selva
Near Port de la Selva, you will again encounter some beautiful bays.
The final stretch to Port de Selva
We are almost there!

I myself hiked inland just before Port de la Selva, to Monestir de Sant Pere de Rodes. Soon, I’ll tell you more about this beautiful hike as well.

Where to stay in Llançà

The village of Llançà is a very nice base to discover a part of the Camí de Ronda. In addition, from Llançà (by train) you can make other cool trips in the Costa Brava, for example to Figueres and Girona.

The village has a nice little center full of cozy restaurants and it is not yet overrun with tourists. Several small-scale hotels can be found in Llançà, where you can easily book a room via Booking.com. Some good options:

  • La Goleta – small-scale family hotel in a good location.
  • Hotel Carbonell – 2* hotel with fitness and swimming pool, not far from the train station.
  • Apartamento Vistas al Mar – are you in the mood for some luxury? From this apartment, you have a beautiful view of the sea.

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This article was published in October 2017. Last update: November 2022.

Cami de Ronda - Hiking in Costa Brava Spain

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