Fun things to do in Murcia Spain

20 Fun things to do in Murcia Spain

The Spanish city of Murcia is not far from Alicante and definitely worth visiting. What to do in Murcia? These are the best things to do in Murcia Spain.

About Murcia

Murcia is a beautiful city located in southeastern Spain. It is the capital of the region of Murcia and is known for its beautiful architecture, delicious food, and lively atmosphere. With a long history dating back to Roman times, the city has a wealth of historical sites to offer. In addition, Murcia is surrounded by beautiful nature, such as the Sierra de Carrascoy, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers as well.

Fun things to do in Murcia

What to do in Murcia? I stayed in Murcia for a couple of days during an interrail trip and absolutely loved it. Here are my tips and an overview of the best things to do in Murcia.

Catedral de Murcia

The cathedral is the most striking structure in downtown Murcia. And it’s really gorgeous! This magnificent Gothic cathedral is the symbol of the city. It has an impressive facade and a mix of Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance elements.

The interior houses magnificent chapels and a museum of religious artworks. I highly recommend visiting this incredible church.

The cathedral also houses a museum (accessed separately) and you can climb the tower with a guide.

Check the official website for opening hours and prices.

Catedral de Murcia

Plaza del Cardenal Belluga

Plaza Cardenal Belluga is a lively square in the historic city center. On this square are impressive buildings such as the cathedral and the bishop’s palace. There are also many restaurants with terraces here, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the vibrant city life.

Palacio Episcopal de la Diócesis de Cartagena

This magnificent episcopal palace dates back to the 18th century. It has an imposing red facade and an interior full of beautiful rooms with elegant decorations and works of art. Unfortunately, you don’t get to see the rooms, but you can explore the courtyard. Make sure to take a look at the stairwell on the west side, which is really beautiful to see!

Palacio Episcopal de la Diócesis de Cartagena

Tip! Want to learn more about Murcia’s history? Then join a free walking tour and visit all the beautiful Murcia sights during the evening hours. Book your free Murcia city walking tour here.

Puente de los Peligros

If you walk from the train station to the historic city center of Murcia you will cross the Puente de los Peligros. This is a historic bridge over the Segura River and from here you have beautiful views of the city. It is one of the most characteristic places in Murcia and was built in 1742 which makes it the oldest bridge in the city.

Puente de los Peligros

Glorieta de España

Glorieta de España is a lively square behind Episcopal Palace. It is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike. The square offers numerous benches where you can sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. The park is full of fountains, flowers, and statues which gives it a colorful and cozy atmosphere.

Glorieta de España

Museo Salzillo

The Salzillo Museum is dedicated to Francisco Salzillo, a famous sculptor from Murcia. It houses an extensive collection of his masterpieces, including the famous Pasos used during the Semana Santa processions.

Real Casino de Murcia

This majestic nineteenth-century building is an architectural masterpiece with its magnificent facade, courtyards, and stylish rooms. It serves as a private gentlemen’s club, but as a tourist, you may also take a look. When you visit the casino, you will be given an audio tour, through this you get to learn what all the beautiful rooms were used for.

Real Casino de Murcia

Museo de Santa Clara

This former monastery is now a cultural center and museum. Here you can admire the beautiful architecture, as well as Christian and Islamic artifacts. This is also a good place to learn more about Murcia’s history.

Teatro Romea

Teatro Romea is a historic theater located in the center of Murcia. The theater is named after the famous Spanish playwright and poet Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla. The building has a beautiful neoclassical facade and an elegant interior with richly decorated ceilings and ornaments. They don’t do tours here, unfortunately, but you can always check to see if there’s a fun performance scheduled.

Teatro Romea

Plaza de Las Flores

Personally, I found this lively square to be one of the nicest and most pleasant places in the city. The flowers, fountains, and orange trees make it very colorful. In addition, the place is bursting with cozy terraces where you can sit down and enjoy the views. It is a great place to enjoy the local atmosphere and sample traditional Spanish cuisine.

Plaza de Las Flores

Mercado de Abastos de Verónicas

Do you enjoy visiting local markets? Then be sure to check out Mercado de Abastos de Verónicas. This historic market hall is open daily (except Sunday) from 8 am to 3 pm. Inside you will find an abundance of fresh produce, including vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and local specialties. There are also several bars and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious tapas and traditional dishes prepared with fresh ingredients from the market.

Pasarela de Manterola

Pasarela de Manterola is a striking pedestrian bridge in Murcia, designed by famous architect Javier Manterola. The bridge connects the city’s historic center with the shopping area on the other side of the Segura River. From the bridge, you can enjoy beautiful views of the river. There are also many beautiful hiking trails around the bridge.

Pasarela de Manterola

Paseo and Jardín del Malecón

A charming city park with a wide promenade that runs along the banks of the Segura River. It is a popular place to walk, relax and enjoy the green surroundings, with beautiful fountains and statues scattered throughout the park.

Paseo and Jardín del Malecón

Molinos del Río

Along the Segura River are several old water mills. There are several hiking trails and small parks where you can picnic. If you want to learn more about the history of these mills, it is worth visiting Museo Hidráulico “Los Molinos del Río Segura.”

Semana Santa in Murcia

I stayed during Semana Santa in Murcia. This is the holy week before Easter. During that week, there are daily processions and giant statues are carried through the city. Very special to see and quite the experience!

Semana Santa in Murcia

Explanada del Castillo de Monteagudo

6 kilometers northwest of the city (easily accessible by car and bus) is the impressive Castillo de Monteagudo. Located on a hilltop, this imposing castle offers breathtaking views of the city of Murcia. It has a rich history and now houses an interpretation center and lookout point.

Terra Natura Murcia

Are you traveling with children? Then a visit to Terra Natura Murcia is highly recommended. This is a zoo and water park in one. Not only can you view animals here, but you can also experience refreshing water attractions. A great place to visit with your family.

Buy your ticket to Terra Natura Murcia here.

Parque Regional de Sierra Espuña

And now it’s time for the nature lovers! About 50 kilometers west of the city is the Parque Regional de Sierra Espuña nature reserve. This is a beautiful natural area with mountains, forests, and beautiful hiking trails. A perfect place if you want to enjoy a day of green nature.

Sierra de Carrascoy

About a 45-minute drive from Murcia is the Sierra de Carrascoy mountain range. A beautiful area with impressive mountain ranges, rolling hills, and lush forests, making it a paradise for nature lovers and hikers. It offers numerous hiking trails that wind through breathtaking landscapes and offer panoramic views of the surrounding area. Sierra de Carrascoy is an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and an oasis of peace and natural splendor.

Cañón de Almadenes

Even more natural beauty! The impressive Cañón de Almadenes is located north of Murcia, about an hour’s drive away. It is a spectacular gorge with steep cliffs and crystal clear water fed by the Segura River. It is a popular destination for adventure activities such as kayaking and canyoning. A destination for true adventurers!

Book a Cañón Almadenes Rafting Day Trip!

Cañón de Almadenes via Depositphotos

Accommodation in Murcia

Murcia is a pleasant city to spend a few days. These are some fine places to stay in Murcia:

  • The Cathedral Hostel is a good option if you are looking for a basic and affordable place to stay. It is located right in the city center in a historic building. There are dormitories as well as private rooms. I stayed in the latter and paid only €35 per night (shared bathroom) for a double room.
  • Hesperia Murcia Centro (3⭐) is a nice mid-range hotel near the cathedral. The rooms are sleek and modern and there is a small gym.
  • Catalonia Conde de Floridablanca (4⭐) is the place to stay if you are looking for a luxury stay in Murcia. The rooms are modern and tastefully decorated and some have a terrace. There is a small rooftop pool, perfect for a refreshing dip on a hot summer day.

Check out for more options, availability, and prices.

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✈️ Plane tickets

The nearest airport to Murcia Spain is Región de Murcia International Airport which is located about 30 kilometers south of the city. The airport has connections with several cities in the United Kingdom, some in Morocco and Belgium.

Book a transfer from Murcia Airport to Murcia here.

Another option is to fly to Alicante, this is a larger international airport. From Alicante, travel to Cartagena by car or train in about 1 hour. Check WayAway to find the best deals and get cashback on plane tickets.

🚆 Travel to Spain by train

Spain is very well accessible by train from other European countries. Check Rail Europe for train times and tickets.

🚘 Rental Car

Although public transport is quite well organized in Spain (I traveled through Spain by train), it is still useful to have a rental car. This makes it even easier to get to really special places. Check Rental Cars to find the best deals.

💊 Travel insurance

Having good travel insurance will give you peace of mind. Check Insubuy (general) or Safetywing (for nomads) to find the best travel insurance that fits your needs.

🎡 Tours and activities

There are a lot of fun tours and activities to do in Cartagena and the surrounding area. Check Civitatis and Get Your Guide to find the best guided tours and activities in Spain.

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The best things to do in Murcia Spain

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