How to get to Grindelwald First

How to get to Grindelwald First

Grindelwald First is a spectacular viewpoint in the Swiss Jungfrau region. How to get there? You’ll read all about it in this article.

Where is Grindelwald?

Grindelwald is a village in the Jungfrau region in Switzerland, not far from Interlaken. It is a picturesque village in a valley and is surrounded by many high mountains with steep cliffs. The village paints a perfect Swiss picture, with wooden houses on the green hills surrounded by snowcapped mountains.

One of the highlights of Grindelwald is a visit to Grindelwald First, a viewpoint on a mountain of 2,167 meters. From here you can see Grindelwald in the valley and you have a good view of the enormous mountains that surround the village.

How do you get to Grindelwald?

Grindelwald is easily accessible from the city of Interlaken. You travel to Grindelwald by car or by train.

Travel to Grindelwald by car

From Interlaken, just follow the road to Wilderswil and go left at Gündlischwand. Grindelwald is basically at the end of the road, you can’t miss it. Driving from Interlaken to Grindelwald takes about 30 minutes.

There’s a large parking garage at Grindelwald Terminal. Parking costs 12 CHF per day. Check this website for more information about parking in Grindelwald.

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Travel to Grindelwald by train

You can also travel from Interlaken to Grindelwald by train. Hop on the train at station Interlaken Ost and just 28 minutes later you’ll arrive in Grindelwald.

A return trip by train from Interlaken to Grindelwald costs approximately € 23 (October 2022). Buy your tickets at the train station or on the Rail Europe website.

How to get to Grindelwald First?

There are two options to get from the town of Grindelwald to Grindelwald First:

  • By taking the gondola lift
  • Hiking

Take the cable car to Grindelwald First

The cable car to Grindelwald First
Met de gondel naar Grindelwald First.

The easiest and fastest way to get to Grindelwald First is with the gondola lift. This is also the most expensive, a return ticket costs about € 65 (October 2022), and a single ticket costs € 35. You are in a small six-person gondola and the ride takes about 25 minutes (one way).

Buy your ticket for the gondola to Grindelwald first here.

Hiking to Grindelwald First

Do you have a full day to explore Grindelwald and do you want to go hiking? You can also hike from the town of Grindelwald to Grindelwald First. The route is fairly easy to follow and starts at the train station.

In front of the station, there is a sign with an arrow to ‘First’ and the expected walking time. According to the sign, it takes 3 hours and 40 minutes to walk from the station to Grindelwald First.

A description of the walk:

Steep climb to Bort

You walk out of the village from the station via a few steep streets. Keep following the ‘First’ signs. The path is steep, but because the majority is asphalt, it is doable. Don’t forget to look back every now and then, because the view is getting better and better!

Not much later you will see the gondola that goes to First. You will follow this for almost the entire walk to Grindelwald First. After a beautiful lake, you come to the first station where the lift stops: Bort. Here is also a restaurant where you can eat or drink something.

The gondola to Grindelwald First
Sometimes you’ll see the gondola above you.

Between the cows to Schreckfeld

Don’t pause for too long, because we still have a long climb to go! Through many switchbacks and a path with a gradient of 20%, you come to a farm. Here you can fill your water bottle. Don’t be alarmed, because you might need to share the roads with some Swiss cows. They have a bell, so you can hear them from afar.

Cows on the trail to Grindelwald First
Cows on the trail to Grindelwald First.

From here you keep following the asphalt road up. You’ll see fewer trees and the view becomes more beautiful. After a few final switchbacks, you can already see your final destination from Schreckfeld station.

Just a couple more switchbacks to Grindelwald First
Just a couple more switchbacks to Grindelwald First.

Grindelwald First with an exciting Cliff Walk

Just a couple more steps before you reach Grindelwald First! It’s probably busy at Grindelwald First (much busier than on the hiking trail). You can use the toilet here and refill your bottle. There is also a restaurant with a wonderful panoramic terrace.

Spectacular view from Grindelwald First
The view is spectacular from Grindelwald First
View of the First Cliff Walk and the path you need to follow to Grindelwald
View of the First Cliff Walk and the path you need to follow to Grindelwald.

For the daredevils there is another great challenge: walk the First Cliff Walk. This is a metal path (you can see the abyss below you) that runs right along the cliff. There is also a bridge that hangs over the abyss. It is a little scary, but also an amazing experience! At the end of the Cliff Walk, you can take pictures on the viewing platform (which has undoubtedly a long queue). Walking on the First Cliff Walk is free.

Walking on the First Cliff Walk
Walking on the First Cliff Walk.
Viewpoint Grindelwald First
Viewpoint Grindelwald First

How do you get back down to Grindelwald?

You can go back down in different ways. I will mention three different options here:

Option 1: You walk back on the same road, this is the easiest route because there are many asphalt roads (less chance of slipping).

Option 2: Extend the route via the Bachalpsee (a beautiful mountain lake), this is about three to four kilometers extra. You walk around the lake to walk down again.

Option 3: Down the other side of Grindelwald First. This is the path on which I take you further.

Yellow signs with the hiking trails around Grindelwald First
These signs indicate the route.

Hike back down past the waterfall

The path down starts just after the First Cliff Walk. There you will see a yellow sign with ‘Grindelwald 2 St. 30 Min’. There is a white-red marking, which means it is a difficult path. It is therefore quite a steep climb down.

You can relax for a while at a few houses and a waterfall. Take a look around you and see how beautiful it is here!

Waterfall on the route between Grindelwald First and Grindelwald
Waterfall on the route between Grindelwald First and Grindelwald.
View from the waterfall
View from the waterfall.

Through the forest back to the station

Continue to follow the signs to Grindelwald. The lower you go, the more trees you see and at a certain point, you even walk in a forest. It’s quite scenic and there is regularly a bench where you can take a break.

Walking through the forest to Grindelwald
Walking through the forest to Grindelwald.

Closer to Grindelwald you come back on the same path that you took the way up to walk up and continue until you reach the station.

Hiking back to Grindelwald
Hiking back to Grindelwald.

Length of the hike

The total hike from the town of Grindelwald to Grindelwald First is about 17 kilometers long (round trip) and takes about six to seven hours. Of course, it can take longer if you take long breaks.

A few tips for the hike to Grindelwald First

Before you go on this beautiful hike there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It is a steep climb (and descent) and you are on the road for a while, so good walking condition is required.
  • There are a number of points along the way where you can get water, so you don’t have to bring too much. I myself had 1 liter of water with me on a hot day and that was enough.
  • It is advisable to walk with a pair of good trekking poles. They provide extra support when ascending, but also when descending (and your knees will thank you). I myself have a pair of Black Diamond trekking poles and I absolutely love them.
  • The hiking trails are marked with yellow arrows in Switzerland. Sometimes you see a white with a red flag here, this means that it is a difficult path. Often there are many loose pebbles or it is very steep.
  • The walking time is indicated on some of the yellow signs. This is never exactly right, it really depends on your hiking pace and if you are used to hiking in the mountains. I walked to Grindelwald First in three hours (the sign said 3 hours and 40 minutes), but down it took me at least two and a half hours (which was also on the sign). I have heard from some other people that it takes them longer than stated on the plate. So it is an average.

Where to stay in Grindelwald

Did you know that there are no less than 300 kilometers of hiking trails in Grindelwald? It is therefore a beautiful region to stay in for hiking enthusiasts. There are more than enough hotels in Grindelwald where you can sleep a night (or more). Here are a few recommendations:

Check out for all the options, availability, and prices.

Do you think the hotels in Grindelwald are too expensive? You can also choose to have Interlaken as your base during your visit to Grindelwald and the other beautiful places in this region. I myself slept in Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof – Hostel Interlaken and I absolutely loved this place.

It’s not for only backpackers, but also for families with children. Suitable for everyone! The advantage is that this hostel has a large kitchen where you can cook your own meals.

Would you like to read more about Switzerland?

These were my tips for a visit to Grindelwald First! Would you like to read more about this region or a vacation in Switzerland?

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This article was published in October 2020. Last update: October 2022.

How to get to Grindelwald First - Switzerland

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