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3-week Cuba itinerary

Awesome 3-week Cuba itinerary

Would you like to explore Cuba in 3 weeks? With this awesome Cuba itinerary, you'll explore the highlights in Havana, Viñales, Trinidad, and other great places.

Northern Italy by train itinerary

Itinerary: Northern Italy by train

Would you like to see more of Italy, but you don't feel like going on a road trip? In this Northern Italy by train itinerary, I will show you the most beautiful places that you can visit by train in...

Itinerary month in Peru

A month in Peru: the perfect itinerary

Do you want to travel for a month in Peru? This is the perfect itinerary, including great hiking trails, colorful cities, and a lot of ancient Inca ruins.

Itinerary Philippines

Perfect 2-week itinerary Philippines

Two weeks is a very short time to explore The Philippines, but we can't have it all. It's enough to explore part of this beautiful country and relax a bit during your trip. In this blog, I'll share...