What to do in Port Barton? Tips & the most beautiful sights

What to do in Port Barton? Tips & the most beautiful sights

The village of Port Barton on the island of Palawan is an oasis of tranquility in the Philippines. What to do in Port Barton? Find out now!

About Port Barton

Nestled deep in the pristine natural beauty of Palawan in the Philippines, lies a place that listens to the name Port Barton. This idyllic village, once a sleepy fishing community, is slowly but surely becoming a popular travel destination for those who want to experience the raw, untamed nature of Palawan, but at the same time avoid the crowds in the more famous spots like El Nido and Coron.

Port Barton boasts the perfect mix of quiet beaches, breathtaking underwater scenery, and densely forested hills with waterfalls. An oasis of peace and adventure that you definitely want to visit during a round trip in the Philippines.

Boats in Port Barton

What to do in Port Barton?

Port Barton is a very quiet town, making it a perfect place for a relaxing beach vacation. But if you don’t just want to lie on the beach all the time, there are a number of fun things to do in Port Barton.

Go island hopping & snorkeling

One of the best things to do in Port Barton is to join one of the island hopping tours. With this tour, you will sail out on a Filipino boat and visit various (uninhabited) islands. You also get to go snorkeling at some beautiful coral reefs and see the brightly colored fish and starfish. Who knows, you might even swim among the turtles! Lunch is included.

Book your Port Barton snorkeling tour here.

Snorkel mask - via depositphotos

Book a massage

Do you want to relax even more? There is always someone walking along the beach willing to give you a massage for a small fee. There are several small businesses providing spa treatments. For example, go to Cabungan Wellness Massage. After the massage, you’ll feel like you’ve been reborn!

Take a hike to the Pamuayan Waterfalls

The area around Port Barton is one big jungle and there are even waterfalls! If you feel like an active hike, going to Pamuayan Waterfalls is highly recommended. You will find these waterfalls just north of the village. Follow the road and turn right when you pass the Tentstar Eco-Resort.

Several waterfalls can be seen, a few small wide ones and a tall long one. If you like, you can go for a refreshing swim in the water below the waterfall.

Tip: Put on some sturdy shoes that you won’t mind getting wet. You may have to go partly through a river and it is very slippery.

Boats in Port Barton

Visit Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach is just west of the village and this is a beach full of palm trees. It has a nice tropical atmosphere and because it is not so easily accessible, there are not so many people. Chances are you’ll see some little pigs here, though. The entrance fee for the beach is 50 pesos. Be careful if you want to go into the water here, there might be jellyfish.

Rent a kayak

You can join a tour to explore the waters and the islands, but you can also go kayaking by yourself. This way you can explore Port Barton’s beautiful coastline at your own pace. For example, a kayak is a perfect mode of transportation to explore Coconut Beach and White Beach. You can rent a kayak on the large beach at Port Barton. The cost is about 500 pesos for a day.

Relax on the beautiful Itaytay Beach

Itaytay Beach is the main beach near the village and also one of the most crowded in the region. Don’t expect thousands of people, but you won’t be completely alone here either. There is plenty to see and do and it is always a pleasant place to relax. Along the beach are many nice cafes and restaurants that you can visit for a bite to eat and enjoy a drink.

Relax on the beautiful Itaytay beach in Port Barton

Go snorkeling

You can join a snorkeling tour, but you can also go snorkeling by yourself. Grab your snorkel gear, walk into the water, and check out the gorgeous underwater world. If that ain’t relaxing, I don’t know what is. Snorkeling from the beach works best when the water is calm and there are not too many boats around.

Tip! You can buy a snorkel kit on the spot, but it’s even more convenient to bring your own. This way, you always have your own snorkel set on hand. These amazing snorkel masks are really easy to use.

Fine dining in Port Barton

Although Port Barton is a small village, it is bursting with quaint cafes and restaurants. These are some fine places to eat or have a drink:

  • Kusinero del Barrio is a great restaurant with typical Filipino specialties
  • Malaika Grill restaurant is one of the best beach bars and serves delicious meals with fresh fish.
  • Tortuga Beach Bar is also located on the beach and is a fine spot for a cocktail during sunset.
  • Autumn Coast is one of the best coffee shops in Port Barton and also a very nice place to have breakfast.
  • Native’bo Reggae Bar is a cool bar for drinks with live music. You can also get surprisingly good food here.

Great places to stay in Port Barton

Would you like to spend a few days recuperating in laid-back Port Barton? There are several nice places to spend the night.

  • Ausan Beach Front Cottages is the place where I myself stayed during my stay and I thought it was really cool! The location is perfect, right in the center of town and on the beach. The rooms and cottages are basic, but clean and comfortable. In addition, it is very affordable.
  • Yumi has beautiful (small) villas with private pools. What more could you want for a relaxing vacation?
  • Jungle Bar Resto & Cottages is perfect if you want (even) more peace and quiet. This is a great place to stay and it offers fantastic views. It is located in the jungle and near picturesque White Beach. It is a bit out of town though.

Check Booking.com for more options, prices, and availability.

Ausan Beach Front Cottages in Port Barton
I slept in a cottage on the beach, So nice!

More Port Barton tips

Planning on visiting Port Barton? Here are some more practical tips:

  • There are only 2 ATMs in the village. If you want to make sure you have enough cash, it is always wise to take it with you before you arrive in Port Barton.
  • Port Barton is quite remote and the wifi is therefore not great. It is wise to buy a local SIM card at the airport immediately upon arrival in Manila. Cell phone coverage is usually better than the wifi.
  • Keep your valuables dry in dry bags. Not only when you go snorkeling, but also when you go to the beach or if the weather is bad (it can rain very hard in Port Barton – I experienced a tropical storm there myself). You can buy a dry bag locally, but they are quite large and heavy. Personally, I always bring my own. I have dry bags from Osprey and Sea to Summit, in various sizes. These are lightweight and from good quality.

Best travel time to Port Barton

The climate in Port Barton is tropical, meaning it is warm and humid year-round. The best time to visit is during the dry season, which runs from December to May. During this period, the weather is usually sunny and the seas are calm, which is ideal for snorkeling.

How to get to Port Barton?

Although Port Barton is in a quite remote location in the jungle, it is very accessible. The easiest way to get there is to take a domestic flight to Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan. From here you can travel by minibus to Port Barton. The ride takes about four hours. Just keep in mind that the road (especially on the last stretch) is not in the very best condition.

Book your transfer from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton here.

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What to do in Port Barton Palawan - tips and the most beautiful sights

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