The best gifts for hikers

The best gifts for hikers

Which gifts make hiking enthusiasts really happy? In this article, I’ll share a list of the best gifts for hikers!

Books full of hiking inspiration

During dark days it is really nice to make it cozy at home by lighting some candles and reading a book on the. This is also a great way to get hiking inspiration! One of the nicest gifts for hikers is a book full of beautiful trails. I can highly recommend these books:

100 Hikes of a Lifetime: The World’s Ultimate Scenic Trails

America’s Great Hiking Trails

Epic Hikes of the World

Check out this post for more great books about hiking.

Waterproof map case

Do you like to walk with paper hiking maps and do you not want them to get wet? Then it is useful to ask for a waterproof and transparent map case for hiking maps as a gift.

The perfect daypack

As a hiker, you cannot do without a good daypack. In a daypack, you put all the gear you need for a day of hiking. A daypack of 13 to 20 liters is ideal for a day hike.

Refillable water bottle

This might be the best gift in this list of gifts for hikers: a refillable water bottle. Such a water bottle is always handy to have with you during a walk. You have them in all shapes and sizes. Ordinary drinking bottles, bottles that keep your drinks warm or cool, with or without filters. You’ve got so many choices!

Do you like to bring a dog while you’re hiking? An AutoDogMug water bottle is also a great holiday gift for outdoor lovers!

A seat pad

Have you ever heard of a seat pad? A seat pad is a super light mat (usually foldable) that you can sit on if you want to take a break. Especially useful when there is no bench nearby. They are not that expensive and do very well as gifts!

A hiking journal

A hiking journal is a great gift for hiking enthusiasts who love to write. In a hiking journal you can write down how far you have hiked, what you have seen during your hike, and other details about your walk. A great way to relive your hiking adventures.


Does your hiker friend enjoy watching wildlife and birds while hiking? Then binoculars are a very good gift for hikers! You have binoculars in all shapes and sizes and you already have good binoculars for a few bucks.


A headlamp is not that interesting for day hikes, but it is always useful to have a light with you. A headlamp is all the more convenient, because it illuminates the path in front of you, while you are conveniently free. This Black Diamond headlamp has different light modes, including a red light. This is especially useful if you are camping and don’t want to wake other people with a bright light.

Water filter

When you take a long walk, you do not always feel like taking several liters of water with you. Now there is water in many places, but it is not always drinkable. That is why it is always handy to have a water filter (plus a bottle that fits a filter) with you. I myself have a water filter from the Sawyer brand that I have used frequently and I really liked it. You can check more types and brands of water filters on Amazon.

Hiking socks

Good hiking socks, that can make me really happy! There are a few brands that make great hiking socks. My favorite socks are from the Smartwool brand. They last very long, even after five weeks on the Pacific Crest Trail, they still felt brand new. In addition, they are also wonderfully warm in winter as house socks.

A power bank

When Igo hiking, I usually navigate with my phone. I also take a lot of photos and videos, so my battery has a lot to endure during a hike. To prevent it from draining completely, I always bring a power bank with me. You have these in all shapes and sizes. For a short day hike, I would recommend a small one, but for longer and multi-day hikes, this power bank from Anker is highly recommended.

Trekking poles

In recent years I have been hiking more and more with trekking poles. They are especially useful when you’re hiking in the mountains and on rough terrain. Your knees will thank you! I myself use trekking poles from Black Diamond, and I really love this brand.


Hiking is not only fun when it’s sunny, but can also be great to go hiking in the rain! It is useful to have a good raincoat that’s breathable. It is useful to have a raincoat that you can fold up small so that it fits in your bag.


There are plenty of great magazines about hiking and nature, such as Trail, The Great Outdoors, and Trek and Mountain. And what about photography magazines or interesting reads about nature? If you cannot choose, you can also subscribe to Readly. Then you have a lot of magazines to choose from!

Sports watch or activity tracker

Do you like statistics and would you like to keep track of your walks? Then take a look at a sports watch or an activity tracker. This way you can keep track of your steps, your route, heart rate and many more different things. Very useful and a great gift for hikers who love to track everything.

These are my favorite gifts for hikers. What would you give as a present to your hiking friends?

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