14 staycation ideas for solo travelers

14 travel-related staycation ideas for singles

You’re stuck at home and can’t travel, that sucks! Don’t worry, even singles can experience wanderlust at home. In this article, I’ll share some great staycation ideas for solo travelers.

Organize your travel photos

Organizing their travel photos is something most people always postpone. Since your stuck at home, you’ve got plenty of time to finally do it! It’s fun to make some photo albums as well and before you know it, you’re completely feeling like you’re traveling again.

Learn a new language

Are you also annoyed with yourself when you travel to a country and don’t understand what people are telling you? A staycation is a perfect time to learn a new language. There are many great apps that help you for free, like Duolingo. I’m learning Spanish at the moment.

Discover some great travel related films & shows on Netflix

Do you prefer staying on your couch during a staycation? There are many some great travel-related shows and films to watch on Netflix!

Some favorites:
– Travels with my father -> Comedian Jack Whitehall travels with his father. Jack wants to go back to basic and get to know the culture, his dad prefers five-star hotels that serves English food. Hilarious!
– Expedition Happiness -> A German couple transforms an American school bus to an RV. They travel in Canada, the USA, and Mexico.
– Hector and the search for happiness -> Hector is unhappy and travels the world to find happiness again.

Write down your travel stories

Do you have some great travel memories, but did you never take the time to write them all down? Do it now! You’ll remember your trips longer and it’s awesome to re-read them. Don’t know where to start? Get this book: How to be a Travel Writer. It has some great tips!

Make a meal that reminds you of your favorite destination

As a single, I hate cooking, but during a staycation, I’m cooking a lot. I’ve got so much time! I love finding recipes from my favorite countries: pasta from Italy, Nasi Goreng from Indonesia, or paella from Spain. It’s a great reminder of previous trips and you’re doing something useful.

Discover some great travel related magazines

travel magazines
Read travel magazines to get inspired.

There are so many awesome travel-related magazines, but do you ever read them? Now is the time to do so! Great articles that’ll give you lots of tips and inspiration for your next trip. Some of my favorites are National Geographic Traveler and Lonely Planet Magazine. Pick them up during grocery shopping or read them online through Readly.

Make it a spa day!

Do you want to relax? Make it a spa day! Put on your robe, get a facemask, paint your nails, and take a long bath. And of course, treat yourself to a healthy salad or smoothie. You’ll be so relaxed at the end of the day!

Discover some great content on YouTube

There are lots of great travel videos to be found on YouTube. Follow vloggers while they travel, watch how-to videos of your next destination, or just watch a travel documentary. There’s plenty to see!

Learn about travel photography

travel photography
Learn more about travel photography.

Did you always want to learn more about travel photography? Now’s your chance! Read Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography and start taking pictures. There are also other great sources with tips to improve your photography. For example, check Pinterest for some great articles about travel photography.

Read a book about travel

Do you like to read as much as I do? Then you probably love to read books about travel! To get inspired I love checking out Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel.

If you prefer travel stories, I can recommend I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes and Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

Explore your own neighborhood

You don’t have to stay inside, so you can always go for a stroll in your neighborhood. There’s always a nice park or square to discover.

Make a puzzle

Do you like to puzzle? There are some great ones with world maps or pictures of your favorite destination. Buy one, empty your table, and get some snacks. You’ll be there for a while.

Create a cocktail

cocktail at the pool
Create a delicious cocktail.

During my solo trips, I love to drink a cocktail every once in a while. It gives me the ultimate vacation feeling! Especially when they are colorful and have an umbrella. Of course, this is something you can easily make at home during a staycation. You can also opt to make one that reminds you of a previous vacation, like a mojito from Cuba or pisco sour from Peru. Cheers!

Get inspired for your next trip

Even when you’re not allowed to travel, you can still dream about traveling! Have you already decided where to go next? Do some research and read books about your next destination. When you haven’t decided where to go next yet, it’s great to make some bucket lists. Don’t know where to start? Check out this article: Where to next? 10 tips to pick your next travel destination.

These are my travel-related staycation ideas for singles! What do you prefer to do when you’re stuck at home?

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