The best destinations for solo travelers

The best destinations for solo travelers

What are the best destinations for solo travelers? In this article, I’ll share my favorite and easy destinations as a female solo traveler.

Costa Rica

bucket list tweede keerCosta Rica is a perfect destination for your first solo trip! The people are really friendly, and nature-wise it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you enjoy picture-perfect beaches, seeing miscellaneous wildlife, and activities like rafting or ziplining, this is the place to be! There are many great and affordable hostels, and it’s very easy and cheap to get around by bus.


Route Oostkust AustraliëAustralia is probably one of the most well-known destinations for solo travelers, but also one of the most expensive. In hostels, you’ll meet people of every age, so there’s always someone you’ll have a connection with. Australia is made for solo travelers. There are hostels everywhere you look, you can choose from a lot of different tours in Australia, and it’s easy to travel by bus. Almost every other traveler in Australia is traveling solo as well, so you always have something to talk about. Australia is huge and there’s so much to do, so it’s impossible to get bored.

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The Philippines

FilipijnenA lot of (young) solo travelers, plan their first trip to Southeast Asia. It’s cheap and it’s easy to get around. When I finally decided to go there as a 30-something, I heard that countries like Thailand and Cambodia mostly attract a younger crowd, who mostly like to party (this is an assumption, so probably not true). I wanted to explore some beautiful beaches, so I chose to go to the Philippines. Traveling in this country is pretty easy as well, it’s easy to fly from one island to another, take a ferry or a bus. They also offer a lot of tours, which makes it easy to meet people.

In El Nido, I stayed at the Spin Designer Hostel, where I met people from all over the world and immediately became friends with. If you like beaches filled with palm trees, island hopping, and green rain forest, The Philippines is highly recommended as a destination for solo travelers.

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Street art Isla HolboxAlthough I’ve only been to Mexico for one week, I still found this place to be perfect for solo travelers (especially Yucatan). Buses are easy to book, luxurious and go everywhere, there are plenty of hostels to meet people and private rooms are pretty cheap as well. Here you can also join several tours, which makes meeting people easy. In Mexico, there’s something for everyone: nature, beautiful beaches, street art, and a lot of history. It’s impossible to get bored!


Perfecte bestemmingen voor soloreizigers - PeruPeru is probably my favorite country in this list with best destinations for solo travelers. It’s a beautiful country with a great culture. You’ll see colorful clothing, alpaca, lots of historic buildings and the Andes Mountains are great for hiking. It’s super easy to travel around solo. There are so many hostels, from cheap to expensive. The cheaper the hostel, the younger the crowd. Also plenty of tours, great food, and it’s very cheap. A perfect destination for first-time solo travelers!

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A personal note

It took me a while to take the leap and travel solo for the first time. My first solo trip was to Costa Rica when I was 29. I loved every second of it and nowadays I travel solo most of the time. I’ve never felt unsafe as a female solo traveler at the destinations I mention in this list. And I always met people my own age, while staying in a hostel (even though I’m 30-something now).

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The best destinations for solo travelers

The best destinations for solo travelers

The best destinations for solo travelers

The best destinations for solo travelers

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