20 awesome travel gifts for mom | A Mother's Day gift guide

20 awesome travel gifts for mom | A Mother’s Day gift guide

Does your mom love to travel and are you still looking for a great Mother’s Day gift? In this gift guide, you’ll find the best travel gifts for mom.

Gifts for on the road

Gifts you can use while traveling are always convenient and fun to give! These are the best Mother’s Day gifts you can use during a trip.

Travel mug

If you are on the road for a few hours, it is great to have something warm to drink. These awesome travel mugs for on-the-go look great and they are also very practical. A perfect gift!

Water bottle

A refillable water bottle is also one of the best gifts for mom. A refillable water bottle always comes in handy because you can use it during work at the office, when you are traveling on the train or when you go for a hike.

Reusable lunch bag

Sustainable and fun: a reusable lunch bag. No more hassle with plastic bags that do not close properly, but just one that you can always use and washes off very easily. So you no longer have to throw away bags. And they come in many colors, so easy to find in your bag.

A good travel bag

A good travel bag is a must for moms who love to travel! Think of a nice day pack for hiking or to use during a city trip. But maybe your mom could use a nice suitcase? The possibilities are endless!

Comfortable neck pillow

Planning on a long journey by bus, train, or plane? Then a comfortable neck pillow can be really nice. This is something that you do not buy yourself that quickly, but it is very nice to receive it as a gift.

Sleeping mask

In addition to a neck pillow, a sleeping mask can also be very nice during a long journey. They are sometimes handed out, but your own sleep mask is actually much nicer (and softer!).


Do you have a mom who loves to write and likes to keep a diary while traveling? Then a cute notebook is also a very good gift! And don’t forget to include a pretty pen as well.


Do you want to give your mother a multifunctional gift? Then gifting a pareo is a great idea! A pareo is a large piece of fabric, that you can use as a scarf, as a beach towel, as a dress, as a picnic blanket, and undoubtedly for many more things. It’s so convenient! And they also look festive.

Gifts to realx

Need something to relax after a day of travel? Then there are a few fun gifts for a very relaxed mom.

Foot cream

After a long day of walking during a city trip or in nature, your feet could use a little extra. It is therefore wonderful to lean back with your feet up and rub them with a nice foot cream. This is also something that you would not easily buy yourself but is very nice to receive as a gift.

Bath bomb

How comfortable is it to relax in the bathtub after a day of strolling around in an unfamiliar city? That is even better with a bath bomb, these provide extra relaxation!

Travel-sized toiletries

You often get a small bottle of shampoo or soap in hotel rooms, but having your own travel kit is actually more fun. There are many great travel-sized toiletries you can give as a gift. But sometimes it is also nice to just use your own toiletries and then some small refillable travel bottles are a very good gift!


You wouldn’t give socks to your mother as a gift, would you? Why not? A pair of nice socks can be so relaxing! Especially when they have a nice message on them.

Subscription to Readly

Does your mom like to read magazines? Then a subscription to Readly is a very good gift! With this subscription, you have unlimited access to no less than 5000 different magazines every month. Great to have during long travel days or just to relax.

The gift of travel

Travel-loving mothers undoubtedly also love to receive a trip or a beautiful experience as a gift. How about this?

Surprise trip

Do you really want to surprise your mother? Then you can give her a surprise trip! Together with you or maybe with your father or someone else. The choice is yours! Via the Dutch website SRPRS.me, you can book awesome different surprise trips, for example, a city trip, a road trip or a sun holiday. This website is not only available for Dutch travelers, but also for travelers from Belgium, Ireland, Germany, and the UK.

Unique experience: stay in a nature house

Would you like to give your mother a weekend away? Special accommodation makes it even more fun! On the website Nature House, you will find beautiful accommodations in the middle of nature. Nice and quiet, beautiful views, and relax to the max!

Gift a fun experience

You don’t necessarily have to give a full vacation as a present, there are also plenty of fun outings that your mother will undoubtedly enjoy immensely. For example, rent a classic car or a tuk-tuk, go for a cozy high tea or join an interesting tour. The possibilities are endless! Do you need some ideas? Take a look at Get Your Guide to see what tours are available in your area.

Travel at home

Finally, in this list of Mother’s Day gifts: the best travel gifts for your home. With these gifts, you can dream of traveling – even after your trip is finished.

Beautiful book about travel

There are tons of great travel books, and coffee table travel books always do very well as gifts. These books are usually filled with many great pictures. It is wonderful to browse through them and find inspiration and they also do well in your interior.

A gift with travel photos

Did you travel with your mom? Do something fun with your travel photos! There are lots of things you can do with your travel photos. For example:

  • A calendar with travel photos
  • A photo book of your last trip
  • A photo on canvas

Wall decoration

Work on the wall

In addition to having your own photos printed, you can of course find many more beautiful travel-related wall decorations. Does your mom have a favorite destination? There are many websites where you can buy beautiful pictures from travel photographers. One of the most famous webshops in The Netherlands is Werk op de Muur (this means “Work on the Wall” in Dutch. It’s a webshop for Dutch, German and French customers. Feel free to look at my shop full of beautiful travel photos on this website.

In addition, there are many beautiful vintage posters of travel destinations on Etsy. A great gift for your home!

These were my tips for fun Mother’s Day gifts for travel-loving moms. Are you missing anything on this list? Let me know and I’ll add it.

More gift ideas?

Are you not quite sure yet and do you need more inspiration for a nice Mother’s Day gift? Then you can also find beautiful gifts in one of these articles:

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