5 reasons why you should travel solo

5 reasons why you should travel solo

You should travel solo at least once in your life. But isn’t boring? Not at all! I’ll give you five good reasons why you should travel solo.

Traveling solo, are you sure?

“I booked a new trip!”
“Awesome, who are you traveling with?”
“I’ll be traveling alone.”
Awkward silence.

This usually is the conversation when I make plans to travel solo. I understand why people think traveling alone is weird or boring, but traveling solo is one of my best decisions ever. I’ll give you five reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your life.

This is why you should travel solo!

There are five good reasons why you should travel solo:

When you travel solo, you EVERYTHING is your choice

Where do you want to go? What would you like to do? It’s your trip, so you decide! If you’re traveling with a friend, you always have to compromise at some point. That’s not the case when you travel alone, you can pick everything you want. For example your seat on the plane, the food you want to eat, the tour you want to do. Everything is your choice. And that’s awesome.

It’s easy to meet new people

5 reasons why you should travel solo - Hostel
Did you know it’s way easier to meet new people when you travel alone? Sometimes you have to work for it, like sleeping in a dorm or go on a tour. But you will make new friends very soon. You always have something to talk about, since you’re making the same trip. And you’ll get the best tips from other travelers as well. When I was traveling around Australia, I met a girl in a hostel that told me about a Vietnamese restaurant in Brisbane. I went there, and it happened to be the best food I would eat during my trip!

Get out of your comfort zone!

When you travel alone, there will be some moments you have to make a decision you’re not comfortable with. You constantly have to arrange everything, and you have to decide where to go or where to stay. It’s pretty hard to get out of your comfort zone if you’re an introvert like me, so it’s a good practice. In the end, it will be easier, and you’ll become a stronger person.

You feel invincible

5 reasons why you should travel solo - Invincible

When you get out of your comfort zone numerous times, you get that invincible feeling. The world is yours and it’s fantastic. You keep on surprising yourselves because you’ll do stuff you never imagined you would do. I am a bit scared of heights, but when I’m traveling I always try to find ways to overcome my fear. It takes some time, but eventually, I will climb that mountain. And when I do, it’s the best feeling in the world!

You’ll become a great storyteller

Last but not least: after your trip, you will have so many great stories to tell! You’re friends and family will love them (hopefully) and if they don’t, you just write them down on your travel blog.

Do you like to travel solo?

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5 reasons why you should travel solo

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