Hiking from Praia da Luz to Lagos - Fishermen's Trail section 13

Praia da Luz to Lagos | Fishermen’s Trail section 13

The last section of the Fisherman’s Trail runs from Praia da Luz to Lagos. During this hike, you’ll pass one of the most beautiful places in Portugal: Ponta da Piedade. In this article, I’ll tell you all about this amazing hike.

What is the Fishermen’s Trail?

The Fishermen’s Trail (Trilho dos Pescadores) is a long-distance hike in Portugal and runs along the coast from Lagos (Algarve) to São Torpes near Sines (Alentejo). The trail is part of Rota Vicentina, a collection of hiking and cycling trails in the southwest of Portugal.

The Fishermen’s Trail is 226.5 kilometers long in total and includes a total of 13 sections. In this article, I’ll tell you all about the gorgeous hike from Praia da Luz to Lagos. This is the thirteenth and last section of the Fishermen’s Trail.

Hiking from Praia da Luz to Lagos

After a section of the Pacific Crest Trail in the United States and the Pieterpad in The Netherlands, it is now time for my third long-distance hike: the Fishermen’s Trail! I currently live in Lagos and it is easiest for me to start with the last section of the Fisherman’s Trail: the hike from Praia da Luz to Lagos.

Going uphill at Luz

Luz is a pleasant town west of Lagos with many (mainly English) restaurants and cafes. The starting point of this section of the Fisherman’s Trail is Praia da Luz, a beautiful beach. From here, you can see the high cliff that you have to climb first. A great start to the hike!

Praia da Luz
Praia da Luz.

After a short walk on the paved road between the villas, I arrive at an unpaved parking lot. It is clear that I have to hike uphill, the post with the blue-green stripes of the Fisherman’s Trail is right in front of the climb.

Going uphill at Luz
This will be fun!

It seems like I have to climb steeply, but luckily the trail leads up the mountain in a couple of switchbacks. It’s actually pretty easy to hike up, and before I know it I’ve reached the top. From here, you’ll have a great view of Luz and the coastline of the Algarve.

Luz as seen from the viewpoint
What a view!

Hiking on the cliffs to Praia de Porto de Mós

After the first steep climb, the rest of the trail is a lot easier. I hike on top of the cliffs and enjoy the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to the clear blue sky, the ocean seems even more blue, which is a beautiful sight.

Hiking trail on the cliffs from Luz to Lagos

The trail is easy to follow, there are regular markings and you basically just have to follow the coastline. It doesn’t take long before I can see Lagos. It seems close, but you have to make a detour through Ponta Piedade to get there. And you don’t want to skip that part of the trail!

Hiking trail on the cliffs from Luz to Lagos
Lagos is in sight!

At Praia de Porto de Mós (one of the most beautiful beaches in Lagos), I have to hike downhill. It is quite crowded at the beach and the restaurants, this beach is very popular with the locals on Sunday afternoons. I skip the beach and the restaurants and keep on hiking

Praia de Porto de Mós
Praia de Porto de Mós

Ponta Piedade

At Praia de Porto de Mós, I have to hike for a bit along the main road. It’s not as bad as it sounds because there is plenty to see. In this part of Lagos, there are mainly huge villas and it’s an impressive sight.

I return to the coastline through a side street. I walk through a field of yellow flowers and I can see the lighthouse on Ponta Piedade in the distance.

Hiking among the flowers in Lagos
View of the lighthouse and Ponta Piedade
There is the lighthouse!

At some point, the trail turns into a wooden boardwalk, which is really cool! Every now and then there is a side trail to a viewpoint and the views are incredible.

Wooden boardwalks - trail at Ponta Piedade
At Ponte Piedade, there are many wooden boardwalks.

At the lighthouse, I wander off the Fishermen’s Trail for a bit, because there are many cool small side trails and viewpoints. Ponta Piedade is truly one of the most beautiful parts of the Algarve. The cliffs and rock formations in the sea are a spectacular sight.

Hiking in Lagos

I hike back to Lagos along a long empty street. Along the way, there are several beautiful beaches to check out and to relax for a bit, like Praia de Dona Ana and Praia da Batata.

Hidden beach between Ponta Piedade and Lagos
There are so many beautiful beaches to see!

From Praia da Batata you hike on the boulevard along the center of Lagos. It’s pretty awesome, on the right you can see Forte da Ponta da Bandeira, and on the left Castelo de Lagos.

Forte da Ponta da Bandeira in Lagos
Forte da Ponta da Bandeira in Lagos.

I walk on this boulevard quite often since I live near the city center of Lagos, and it’s always fun. You walk along the palm trees, the river, and the harbor. The water is really clear, so you can even see the fish swimming in the river.

Hiking on the boulevard in Lagos
Hiking on the boulevard in Lagos.

I cross the water via the pedestrian bridge to Marina de Lagos. Here you can find many waterfront restaurants and this is the perfect place to relax after the hike from Praia da Luz to Lagos.

Marina de Lagos
Marina de Lagos is a great place to relax after your hike.

The Fisherman’s Trail ends just behind the Marina de Lagos, at Lagos station.

End of the Fishermen's Trail - Lagos Station
End of the Fishermen’s Trail at Lagos Station. But of course, you can also decide to start here!

This was the first section I’ve hiked Fisherman’s Trail and I would love to hike some more sections! In the coming weeks, I hope to hike more sections, and I will write a hiking report like this one again.

Practical information

The 13th section of the Fisherman’s Trail runs from Praia da Luz to Lagos and is 11 kilometers (about 7 miles) long. It takes about three to four hours. Although there is a considerable climb at the start, it is a fairly easy hike.

You can get food and drinks at a few places along the way, namely in Luz, Praia de Porto de Mós, and Lagos. So you don’t have to bring a lot of snacks.

The best time to hike this section from Praia da Luz to Lagos is between September and June. In July and August, it can get very hot and there is almost no shade on the way.

On this page, you can find more information about this section and download the gpx file.


There is a regular daily bus between Lagos and Luz (number 4, the yellow line). Check Google Maps for the nearest bus stop and route times. A ticket costs between € 2 and € 4 (to be paid in cash to the bus driver).

Where to stay

Both Luz and Lagos are destinations that attract a lot of tourists, so there are a lot of options in terms of accommodation. I always use Booking.com if I want to book something for 1 or 2 nights and Airbnb if I need accommodation for a longer period of time.

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