Amazing Travel videos on YouTube

11 Amazing travel videos on YouTube

There are tons of great travel videos on YouTube. Rainy days are perfect for watching them and get inspired to travel! In this article, I’ll share my favorite travel videos on YouTube.

Wout of the World: Dominican Republic

Wout is a Dutch travel vlogger who’s currently traveling the world with his family. He is making a trip around the Caribbean and it looks absolutely amazing! His videos are pretty cool to watch, especially with all the beautiful drone shots.

Kara & Nate: traveling to 100 countries

Kara and Nate are amazing. They’re a couple from the USA and they plan to travel to 100 countries. You can follow their journey pretty much every day and they have so much fun! When you’re watching their videos, it feels like you’re traveling with your friends.

Mojo Travels: Top 10 Must-See Scenic Routes on a Trans-America Road Trip

I have to admit, I absolutely love lists. They are clear, short and you know what to get. That’s why I really enjoy watching the videos of Mojo Travels, these are all lists and get you inspired quickly.

Continental Divide Trail: Choose your adventure

This long documentary was made by Dixie of the YouTube channel Homemade Wanderlust. Her videos were one of the reasons for me to hike a section of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Dixie does a lot of long-distance hiking and vlogs about her days on the trail on her channel. She also made documentaries about her hikes on the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. The one about the Continental Divide Trail is my favorite so far. The footage is stunning and it feels like you’re watching a friend speaking to you.

Lexie Limitless: How I Became the Youngest to Travel to Every Country at 21 – Guinness World Record

Lexie is the youngest person ever (she’s only 21!) to visit all the countries of the world. Recently, she started a YouTube channel and her videos are amazing! Because she visited so many places, you might be surprised by some of her favorite places to travel. Really inspiring!

Fun for Louis

Louis travels about 365 days a year and you can see it in his videos. He posts a new one almost every day. He is quite an adventurer and does a lot of extreme sports while travels. He also biked from London to Africa. How cool is that?

Tourist to Townie

Gareth tries to explore the local culture of the places he travels by living there for a while. This makes for some hilarious and very interesting videos!

Hey Nadine

Nadine has been a travel vlogger for years, so you can find many cool travel videos on her channel. Besides tips for certain destinations, she also has videos on practical travel tips. It’s a great channel to watch for a full afternoon and go from video to video.

Samuel and Audrey – Travel and Food Videos

Do you enjoy the combination of travel and food? Then you should watch some of the videos by Samuel and Audrey! Their playlists on YouTube are filled with videos of delicious food and they also make a lot of videos with tips for destinations.

Rick Steves’ Europe

Rick Steves had a YouTube channel filled with videos about traveling in Europe. His purpose is mainly to teach American travelers about Europe and how to travel as cheaply as possible. Even if your not American, his videos are great to watch. They’re pretty long (25 minutes), but he talks a lot about history and culture. Highly recommended if you’d like to know some more about European destinations.

My own YouTube channel!

Oh yes, I’ve got a YouTube channel as well! I haven’t posted a lot of videos yet, but I’ll definitely add some more footage in the future. So far, I’ve made videos of my adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail, Hawaii, and Grand Teton & Yellowstone. Check out my channel if you’d like to see them all.

These are my favorite travel videos on YouTube. Do you have a favorite? Let me know by leaving a note in the comments.

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As a girl from a small town in the Netherlands, I always dreamed of traveling. I thought it would always be a dream, but nowadays, I travel 6 to 8 months a year and I hike thousands of miles on the most beautiful hiking trails. On this website you can read all about my favorite destinations.

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