14 awesome Luxembroug attractions

14 awesome Luxembourg attractions (the country)

Luxembourg is a beautiful country full of adventurous hiking trails and castles. What are the best Luxembourg attractions? Read all about it now!

This is why you need to go to Luxembourg

Have you ever thought about traveling to Luxembourg? Although it is a small country, you can enjoy yourself here for weeks. There is plenty to see and do! It is a green country, full of forests, caves, and waterfalls. In addition, you can explore many historic villages. And there are many castles! What are you waiting for?

Best places to visit in Luxembourg

What are the best things to do in Luxembourg? Here are 14 incredible Luxembourg attractions.

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is the capital of Luxembourg and a great place to visit. The city has many height differences and because of that, it has many beautiful viewpoints. There are many beautiful sights in Luxembourg City, such as the casemates, the old district of Grund, and the Grand Ducal Palace.

Grund in Luxembourg


Vianden is a charming town in the northeast of Luxembourg. It has a beautiful old center which is lovely for wandering around, but it is best known for the huge castle on the hill next to the town.


When I was about 10 years old, I went on holiday to Luxembourg with my parents. We then stayed in the village of Larochette and I absolutely loved that! Why? There is a huge castle ruin on a hill and that is such a cool sight! In addition, Larochette is also a great base to discover the rest of the country, because it is very centrally located.


In the summer of 2021, I hiked the Lee Trail, a three-day hike through the heart of Luxembourg. The first section ends in Bourscheid, a picturesque village with a huge castle ruin. Very cool to see and also to visit. From the castle, you have a beautiful view of the hilly landscape.

First look at the castle of Bourscheid

Eislek region (the Luxembourg Ardennes)

The Eislek region is located in the north of Luxembourg and is also known as the Luxembourg Ardennes. It is one of the best areas for hiking (the famous Escapardenne Eislek Trail runs right through it) and has many green valleys and beautiful views. The perfect place to relax for a couple of days.


The beautiful town of Clervaux is also located in the Eislek region. It is not yet as busy and touristy as Vianden, for example, but all the more beautiful to discover. The city is located in the middle of green forests and there are several beautiful historic buildings to admire. You can visit a medieval fortress, a castle, and the Benedictine abbey of St-Maurice and St-Maur. A great place to explore for an afternoon.

Clervaux in Luxembourg


Esch-sur-Sûre is perhaps the most beautiful village in Luxembourg. Located on a bend of the River Sûre, it seems as if nothing has changed here in centuries. Narrow, picturesque streets and in the middle a ruin of a castle. There are also some beautiful hiking trails in the vicinity of the village.

View of Esch sur Sure


Yes, Luxembourg is filled with with pretty villages and Beaufort is one of them. It is located in the east of the country in the Müllerthal region. The most striking building is the ruin of Burg Beaufort on a high rock in the village. Not as beautifully restored as the castle in Vianden, but impressive for sure.

Müllerthal Region

The Müllerthal region in eastern Luxembourg is also known as Little Switzerland. This region has a lot of beautiful sights, especially if you go hiking. During a hike, you will pass various beautiful places such as:

  • Hohllay Cave: Hohllay means hollow rock and was formerly used to carve millstones. Now it is an impressive cave that you can walk through.
  • Schiessentümpel waterfall: The most famous waterfall in Luxembourg. It is beautifully situated, with a romantic wooden bridge and rocks full of moss.
  • You also walk through several narrow gorges, such as the Wolfsschlucht gorge.

The most famous hiking trail is the Müllerthal Trail, which consists of three different loops. In total, the trail is 112 kilometers long and each individual loop is 36 to 38 kilometers long.


Echternach is the oldest city in Luxembourg and is located in the east of the country. It has a beautiful historic center with a gorgeous town hall from the fifteenth century. Echternach is a good base to discover the Müllerthal region, several hiking trails start in this beautiful city. Looking for more adventure? From Echternach, you can hop into a canoe and explore the river Sûre.

Valley of the Seven Castles

Luxembourg is full of castles, but nowhere are there so many together as in the Valley of the Seven Castles. This area is in the middle of the country and there is a car route and a hiking route that goes past all the castles. Which castles do you see along the way?

  • Mersch Castle
  • Schoenfels Castle
  • Hollenfels Castle
  • Two castles in Ansembourg, one old and one new.
  • Septfontaines
  • Ruins of Koerich

As you can see, there’s plenty to explore and you can even visit some of them.

Les Terres Rouges

In the southeast of Luxembourg, you will find a region called Les Terres Rouges, which means the red earth. And yes, some of the rocks here do indeed have a nice red color! It is a beautiful area for cycling or hiking and there are also several beautiful villages, such as Dudelange.


Esch-Sur-Alzette is located in the center of Les Terres Rouges. This is the second largest city in Luxembourg after Luxembourg City. It used to be mainly an industrial city, but is now a cultural city. In 2022 it will even be the European Capital of Culture. What to do in Esch-Sur-Alzette? Here you will find, among other things, the National Resistance Museum in which you can learn more about the German occupation during the Second World War in Luxembourg. In addition, the blast furnaces of Belval are also worth a visit, where you can wander through.

The Moselle region

You have probably heard of the German Moselle region, but did you know that there is also a Luxembourg Moselle region? The river Moselle also runs through Luxembourg and here you will find several vineyards. Highlights in the Moselle region include the quaint village of Wormeldange and Schengen, the symbol of a united Europe.

Wormeldange Luxembourg

Travel to Luxembourg

As you can see, there is plenty to do on a Luxembourg vacation. Would you like to travel to Luxembourg? Here are a few extra Luxembourg tips:

  • Public transport in Luxembourg is free! Yes, you read that correctly, you don’t have to check in or buy a ticket, you can board the bus or train right away. And they go very regularly. Even in the smallest villages, there is a bus once or twice an hour. Check Google Maps or CFL.lu for departure times.
  • They speak many languages in Luxembourg; Luxembourgish, French, German, and English.
  • Luxembourg is easily accessible by car, but also by train! Do you want to travel to Luxembourg by train? Check the Rail Europe website for the options and prices.
  • If it’s too far to travel to Luxembourg by train, there’s also an international airport near Luxembourg City. Check Skyscanner for the best deals.
  • Do you want as much freedom as possible? Luxembourg is a great country for a road trip. Rent your car with Discover Cars or Rental Cars.
  • Luxembourg has many historic hotels and cozy B&Bs. Check Booking.com for an overview.
  • You can also do various guided tours through Luxembourg. Look at Get Your Guide for the possibilities.
  • Don’t forget about travel insurance. Check all the options and prices at Insubuy.

Want more Luxembourg tips? Then it is useful to purchase this Luxembourg Travel Guide.

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