Bucket list - the most beautiful places in Italy

Bucket list: these are the most beautiful places in Italy

What are the most beautiful places in Italy? I did some research and in this article, I’ll share 13 destinations that you should not miss during a vacation in Italy.


PompeiiPhoto: Paul Kelley | Foter.com

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve found the story of Pompeii very fascinating. It seems incredible to me to see what is left of a city destroyed by a volcanic eruption nearly 2,000 years ago. Not the coziest place in Italy, but one that makes a big impression.


Venice is a great day trip from Verona
Venice is one of those places you must visit at least once in your life.

For a long time I really did not want to visit Venice, because I thought that it was terribly touristy and that therefore I could not enjoy the beauty of this city. And yes, it is busy, but it is much bigger than you think and it is so beautiful! Walk from highlight to highlight, enjoy the special architecture, the gondolas and the canals. Venice is a unique place and definitely one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

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Ponte Vecchio in Florence
The Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

In 2010, I traveled through Tuscany, and I visited the city of Florence twice because I loved it so much. There is so much to see in this beautiful city! Florence is the perfect city for art lovers, make sure to visit the world-famous Uffizi Museum. It is also a must to take a walk on the Ponte Vecchio, a medieval bridge full of shops.


SiciliePhoto: Tomas Anton Escobar | Unsplash

As far as I am concerned, the island of Sicily is the perfect place in Italy for an awesome road trip. Nice and compact, so even when you only have 5 days in Sicily, you can explore quite a lot! The island has a fascinating landscape, great relaxing beaches, and, beautiful cities to stroll through. Make sure to check out the capital of the island, there are many great things to do in Palermo. Sicily really seems like a fantastic place for a great vacation.

Cinque Terre

In Cinque Terre National Park you will see five villages that look like this.
In Cinque Terre National Park you will see five villages that look like this.

Cinque Terre is also a tourist spot for a reason: it is beautiful! Cinque Terre National Park has a rugged coastline with five very photogenic villages. You can visit all of them by train, but there are also beautiful hiking trails between the villages.

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The Duomo in Milan is one of the most impressive landmarks in Italy
The Duomo in Milan is one of the most impressive landmarks in Italy.

Milan is different from the other cities in Italy. In Milan, you see many business people walking down the street in suits and having lunch at one of the trendy restaurants. This is also the city of fashion, so it’s great for people who love shopping. One of the highlights in Milan is the enormous cathedral (Duomo), a beautiful building that is also considered a masterpiece of Gothic art.

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Bucket list: these are the most beautiful places in Italy
Capri is picturesque.

Photo: Ellena McGuinness | Unsplash

Capri is a small island close to Naples. It is picturesquely beautiful with steep cliffs and beautiful bays. If you go hiking in Capri, you will undoubtedly see a few impressive rock formations and you can also visit various caves. A great place to visit when you are traveling to the south of Italy.

San Gimignano

San GimignanoPhoto: Warren In the Weeds | Foter.com

Unfortunately, I missed this special medieval town full of high towers during my trip to Tuscany, but in my opinion, it is a reason to return to this region. A particularly beautiful old center to stroll through and the views are phenomenal.


Napoleon was exiled to the island of Elba in 1814. It is located just off the Tuscan coast and is therefore perfect to visit as a day trip from Tuscany. On the island, you will find various museums about Napoleon and you can climb various beautiful viewpoints.


Siena during the Palio.
Siena during the Palio.

One of the most beautiful places I visited during my trip in Tuscany is Siena. When you walk around this city you just imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. All those narrow streets, the height differences, and the beautiful buildings, it is a feast for the eyes! It is extra fun to visit Siena during the Palio (a horse race that is held twice a year) when many people are dressed up.

The Dolomites

Bucket list: these are the most beautiful places in Italy

Photo: Joshua Earle | Unsplash

As a hiking enthusiast, I really have to go to the Dolomites. This mountain range in the north of Italy looks really spectacular, full of sharp cliffs. Here you go on really beautiful day hikes!


Bucket list: these are the most beautiful places in Italy
Verona is the city of Romeo & Juliet.

Verona is perhaps the most romantic city in Italy as it is the city of Romeo and Juliet! It is compact and everywhere you look you see beautiful statues and buildings with frescoes. One of the largest arenas in the world is also located in Verona, where concerts are still held today.

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View of Rome from the Forum Romanum
View of Rome from the Forum Romanum.

Rome, the capital of Italy, should not be missing from this list of the most beautiful places in Italy. This city is a large historical archive, everywhere you look you see ancient buildings. The Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain (and that’s just one of the beautiful fountains in Rome), Vatican City (which is actually a separate country), the Roman Forum, I can go on and on because this city has so many highlights!

Tip: when you visit Italy in winter, I would highly suggest going to Rome. The weather is usually pretty good (during my trip it was sunny and 15 degrees every day!) and the city looks even more magical with all the Christmas lights!

In my opinion, these are the most beautiful places in Italy. What is your favorite place in Italy? And which places would you like to visit?

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