Where to next - 10 tips to pick you next travel destination

Where to next? 10 tips to pick your next travel destination

Do you know what your next travel destination will be? Do you have a bucket list you’d like to check off? Or do you go to the places that are recommended to you by friends? In this article, I’ll share 10 great tips to pick your next travel destination.

What’s on your bucket list?

Most travelers have some sort of bucket list of the places to visit once in their lives. The easiest thing is just to pick one of those destinations.

What’s your travel budget?

With a budget of €200, it’s obviously impossible to go road tripping in Australia for a month, so your budget has a big influence on deciding your next travel destination. How much do you want to spend? Don’t just look at the prices of plane tickets, but also check out the local prices of accommodation and food. For example, a plane ticket from Europe to Peru is quite expensive, but when you’re there, traveling is really cheap.

Do you prefer a warm or a cold destination?

Cuzco - alpacas in de sneeuw

A lot of people make a choice for their next destination based on weather: do you prefer cold weather or do you prefer some warmth during your trip?

What kind of activities do you like?

Do you want to relax at a beach? Go to a destination with easy access to a beach. Do you prefer hiking in the mountains? Pick a great place for hiking (like Peru). Do you prefer to visit museums? You’ll probably love most cities in Europe. Think about what you’ll love to do during your next trip and check witch destinations offer what you’d like to do.

Ask family and friends for recommendations

You’re not the only person who loves traveling, so you’ll probably have some friends or family who have a lot of tips for great destinations. The answers may surprise you!

How much time do you have?

The amount of time you’ll have for the next trip is also an important factor. If you only have a week, it’s not recommended to fly from Europe to Hawaii and go island hopping. So pick a destination that fits in your timeframe.

Book a surprisetrip

There are more and more travel agencies that offer surprise trips or mystery vacations. Just google surprise trip and you’ll find several websites where you can either book a city trip, a fly-drive or a holiday in the sun. Usually, you won’t find out the destination until you reach the airport.

Use social media

Check Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for your daily travel inspiration. There are many travel bloggers that tell you daily about their favorite travel destinations, so make sure to follow them and get inspired.

Attend a special event

Have you ever thought about arranging a trip around a cool event? Lots of tourists visit my country around Kingsday (which is also the perfect time to explore the beautiful flower fields). But you can also plan a trip around the famous carnival in Brazil or Cinco de Mayo in Mexico. You can also arrange a trip around a festival. For example, I visited the Glastonbury Festival in England and connected it with a city trip to Bristol.

Point at a world map blindfolded

Is it impossible to figure out your next travel destination? Get a world map, hang it on a wall and point at it blindfolded.

I usually pick my next travel destination by combining a couple of the methods I mention in this article. How do you pick your next travel destination?

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As a girl from a small town in the Netherlands, I always dreamed of traveling. I thought it would always be a dream, but nowadays, I travel 6 to 8 months a year and I hike thousands of miles on the most beautiful hiking trails. On this website you can read all about my favorite destinations.

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