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Op reis met Co is the ultimate source of information for adventurous travelers! Many travelers, especially solo adventurers and hiking enthusiasts, find inspiring travel stories, wanderlust, and practical tips on this website. Op reis met Co is Dutch for “Go travel with Co”.

Reach Op reis met Co

With an impressive monthly reach of between 20,000 and 45,000 unique visitors and a loyal community of over 13,000 followers on various social media platforms, Op reis met Co has a strong and engaged readership.

The most beloved articles focus on hiking, with special attention to the Pacific Crest Trail, the Camino, and the Fishermen’s Trail. Additionally, articles about Portugal, Switzerland, the United States, and Spain are highly popular among my readers.

A media kit with more information and the latest statistics can be requested via info[at]

Why collaborate with Op reis met Co?

There are several reasons to work with Op reis met Co.

  • Reach a targeted and enthusiastic audience: This website attracts adventurous travelers, mainly solo adventurers and hikers, actively seeking new experiences and destinations.
  • Authentic content: Op reis met Co is committed to creating honest and genuine content, ensuring your brand or destination is presented naturally.
  • Multilingual content: Op reis met Co offers both Dutch and English articles, reaching a broader international audience.
  • Reliable partnership: Op reis met Co builds lasting relationships with its collaboration partners, promoting your brand and products in the long term.

Collaboration opportunities

Interested in collaborating with Op reis met Co? Here are the possibilities:

  • Advertorials: Incorporate your product or service into an informative and engaging article that aligns with the interests of Op reis met Co’s readers.
  • Press trips: Showcase a stunning destination through a press trip that I will personally and sincerely experience and share with my community.
  • Product reviews: Let me test and share honest reviews of your travel-related products or services with my readers.
  • Creative collaborations: I am open to your unique ideas for collaboration, presenting your brand creatively to our audience.

I strongly believe in honesty and authenticity. Each article is carefully written with a personal touch, and collaborations are only pursued if they align seamlessly with the core values of this website. This is why I do not accept pre-written guest posts.

For more information on collaborations and opportunities for your brand, contact Jacoba at info[at], and let’s explore how we can embark on a successful partnership together!

oration are also very welcome! You can contact me by sending an email to info [at] opreismetco [dot] nl.

Previous collaborations

Over the years, I have collaborated with the following organizations:

Travel photography

The photos on this website are copyrighted. All photos are my property unless another source is explicitly stated. Would you like to use one of the photos on this website? This is possible for a fee. Contact me for more information.

Good to know

Honesty and authenticity are fundamental values at Op reis met Co. All articles are personally written, and collaborations are carefully chosen to perfectly align with the website’s target audience and atmosphere. Maintaining this website requires considerable time and effort, leaving no room for free promotion or reviews.

I always provide an honest judgment about a destination, service, or product. Additionally, a disclaimer is included under every collaboration to ensure compliance with the rules of the Dutch Advertising Code, which is important for my loyal readers.

Op reis met Co is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 70488673.

Would you like to know more about the origins of Op Reis met Co? Then check this page.