15 gifts for travel lovers: get inspired to travel!

15 gifts for travel lovers: get inspired to travel!

Do you like to travel and do you want to know where the most beautiful places in the world are? Then it is great to receive travel inspiration as a gift! In this article, I’ll share 15 great gifts for travel lovers.

Get inspired to travel with these gifts

How do you get inspired to travel? It could be books, games, puzzles, or maps.


These books filled with travel inspiration are great to give or receive:

Lonely planet – Ultimate Travel List

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List is a book containing the 500 most beautiful places in the world (according to Lonely Planet). In this wonderful book, you can browse for hours and dream away at the most beautiful destinations. Not only do you get a lot of travel inspiration, but it is also super fun to see how many of these places you have already visited.

Journeys of a Lifetime, Second Edition: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips

National Geographic’s Journeys of a Lifetime is also one of the best gifts for travel lovers. The book is quite similar to Lonely Planet’s book, but it also lists lesser-known beautiful places in the world. There is so much to see!

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

Do you like to checklists? Then The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small is for you! It contains 1000 adventures! How much can you cross off?

Before They Pass Away – Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson is a famous photographer who traveled the world for no less than two years for his book Before They Pass Away and photographed dozens of indigenous tribes. This huge book full of photos and stories is the impressive result of this journey. This book is a must for any travel and photography enthusiast.


Do you like to play games? These games make you want to travel:

Lost Cities: Het Kaartspel

With the card game Lost Cities (where you occasionally have to tell a lie to win the game) you travel all over the world as an adventurer.

Ticket to Ride Europe

With the board game Ticket to Ride Europe, you create a train network and travel all over Europe by train! There are also other versions of this game that are fun to play, for example, Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries and Ticket to Ride USA.

Flags of the world

How many flags in the world would you recognize? If you play the Flags of the world game, you will know who the real travel fans are!

Monopoly Classic

Monopoly is of course a real classic among board games and you also get to travel! With the game, you travel around and buy houses and hotels. Nowadays, there are now many cool special editions. For example, Monopoly Game of Thrones or Monopoly US National Parks edition.


Do you like puzzles? There are many beautiful puzzles that make you want to travel.

1000 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles World Map Square

What did the world map look like in 1594? You will find out with this jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces.

Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle – Atlantis

Have you always wondered what the sunken city of Atlantis would look like? You will see the city automatically appear when you complete this Atlantis jigsaw puzzle.

World Landmarks map puzzle

Do you want to know where all the famous buildings in Europe are? This puzzle features landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, and Statue of Liberty. Fun and educational!


Not only puzzles with maps are a great gift for travelers, but also maps you can hang on your wall.

Scratch Off World Map Poster

Do you want to give or receive a nice scratch-off world map poster? This map looks pretty fancy and you can also scratch off all the flags in the world (which gives you an advantage with the flag game!).

World Map Cork Board kit

Would you like a corkboard so you can pin things? This is an awesome World Map Cork Board kit. It comes with pins and food stickers, so you can stick a pin in all the places you’ve visited!

America The Beautiful USA Scratch Off Maps

Do you plan to visit all the states of the United States? Get this gorgous scratch off map! Instead of seeing a plane color when you scratch some off, you’ll see a beautiful picture that represents the state.

Framed Antique Style World Map

Are you looking for a beautiful world map that you can hang in your living room? I bet this Antique Style World Map fits well with any travel lovers’ interior!

Looking for more great gifts for travelers?

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