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About me

Over Opreismetco

Hello my fellow travel lovers,

It’s really nice to meet you! I’m Jacoba (my friends call me Co) and I love to discover amazing places in this world. I live in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and can be very clumsy, but I’m always happy. In Amsterdam, I have a full-time job as a marketer for one of the best orchestras in the world (go, if you have the chance, nothing beats a concert of a big symphony by a great orchestra). On my days off I prefer discovering the world. So far I’ve traveled to 29 countries, and there’s more to come. I’ve been writing down my travel stories in Dutch for a few years on my blog Op reis met Co, which translates to Travel with Co in English.

Why do I write about travel so much?

I’ve always loved writing and wrote all my travel adventures down in a paper notebook. In 2013 I went on a 5-week trip to Florida and Cuba, and that’s when I started this website. I wrote many travel diaries to keep my friends and family updated on my trip. Every trip I made afterward, I kept writing on this website.

However, I discovered that I really missed writing when I was not traveling. I also got a lot of questions about my trip, so in December 2015 I decided not only to write travel diaries but also travel tips for the destinations I visited. I added some bucket lists for travel inspiration and practical travel advice.

I love writing about traveling in the United States, Peru, and cities in Europe. And love the outdoors, so you’ll find many articles about camping and hiking as well.

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Do you have any questions, or would you just like to comment on something? Sent me an email! info@opreismetco.nl.