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About me

Jacoba van Op reis met Co - reisblogger en avonturier

Explore the world of adventurous solo trips and enchanting hikes! I'm Jacoba, also known as Co, and I'm excited to take you on my personal discovery quest.

This website is filled with captivating stories of my adventures across various corners of the globe. This year, I've explored stunning landscapes in Jordan, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, and Greece, finding my path amidst rolling hills, ancient ruins, and picturesque villages. Upcoming trips to Portugal, Canada and Alaska promise even more exciting stories!

As a hiking enthusiast, I find solace in discovering beautiful viewpoints and the serenity of nature, learning more about myself and the world with every step.

For more travel tips, hiking routes, or questions about solo travel, feel free to reach out at I hope my stories inspire you to explore the world, one step at a time!