Tzoumerka National Park

Tzoumerka National Park: an undiscovered outdoor paradise in Greece

Have you ever heard of Tzoumerka National Park? This natural park in northern Greece is full of canyons, rivers, and majestic mountains. An outdoor paradise!

My friend asked me if I would like to spend a few days in an unknown mountainous nature reserve in Greece. Absolutely! I had never heard of Tzoumerka National Park before, but since I do love discovering new places and Greece is a beautiful destination, I just can’t say no. And it was more than I had hoped for! In this article, I’ll tell you all about this hidden gem in Northern Greece.

About Tzoumerka National Park

Tzoumerka, also known as Athamanika, is a mountainous region located in northwestern Greece. If you grab a map, you will see that it is not far from the border with Albania. This region is a hidden gem, away from the hustle and bustle of Greece’s popular tourist destinations.

What makes Tzoumerka truly special are the majestic mountains that dominate the region. The mountains here are known for rugged peaks, deep gorges, green forests, fresh waterfalls, and crystal-clear rivers. Tzoumerka is a hiker’s paradise, with a network of trails along babbling brooks and panoramic viewpoints.

Another thing that stands out in Tzoumerka, are the charming traditional villages built against the mountain slopes. There is an authentic Greek atmosphere and it is a good place to experience the hospitality of the Greeks.

All in all, Tzoumerka is a perfect destination for the adventurous traveler and has not yet been discovered by the masses. Do you like hiking and beautiful nature? Consider Tzoumerka as your next travel destination and get ready to explore the Greek mountains.

Hiking in Tzoumerka

What to do in Tzoumerka?

What is there to see and do in Tzoumerka? More than enough! These are some fun things to do in Tzoumerka.

Hiking in Tzoumerka

As a hiking enthusiast, I couldn’t believe my luck in Tzoumerka, as it is bursting with beautiful hiking trails! Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a website of all the routes, but there are some nice options on Discover Tzoumerka. These are a few amazing trails I explored during my stay in Tzoumerka.

To the Rema Marks waterfall

Rema Marks is one of the most fairytale-like waterfalls in the region and is easily accessible via a short hike. The starting point is just outside the village of Theodoriana (here’s a link to Google Maps), where you can also park your car. The hike is about 2.8 kilometers (1.4 out and 1.4 back) and takes about an hour.

The trail passes through a fairy-tale forest full of moss and unusual rocks. You have to cross several streams, mostly there are stones, so your feet don’t really become not. However, it can be slippery, so make sure to wear shoes with good tread like hiking boots or trail runners.

Once you arrive at the bottom, you are at a magnificent waterfall called Rema Marks, also known as “the stream of paradise.” If you want, you can even take a dip in the water.

Rema Marks waterfall

To the Souda Waterfalls

On the other side of Theodoriana, you have another waterfall that is cool to visit: the Souda Waterfalls. The starting point can be found here. The trail to the waterfall is slightly easier to follow than the one to Rema Marks (less slippery) and at the end, you come out to a hugely powerful waterfall.

It is hidden among high mountains with caves and a beautiful forest. We stood here taking pictures for almost an hour and all that time no other people passed by. Truly a hidden gem! This hike is only 2 kilometers long (1 kilometer out and 1 kilometer back) and takes you about 30 minutes.

Rouista Tzoumerka Resort

Hiking trails around Rouista Tzoumerka Resort

Finally, I went on several walks around the hotel where I was staying, Rouista Tzoumerka Resort in the village of Vourgareli. The owner has set out several short hiking trails, ranging from 1 to 5 kilometers. Not too long, but perfect for an introduction to the area. And if you want, you can connect or extend the trails. They are always happy to give you tips in the hotel. The following places are fun to visit:

  • Captain’s Baths: a water paradise with small waterfalls and pools. Bring your swimsuit!
  • Fairybridge: an old bridge over a stream and it would fit well in a fairy tale.

Vourgareli is a beautiful area for hiking. It is very green, with many trees covered with moss which gives it a mystical atmosphere. In addition, you have several beautiful views of the mountainous surroundings. I absolutely loved it!

Rafting in Tzoumerka

Do you need an adrenaline rush and don’t you mind getting wet? Go rafting on the Arachtos River! This river leads you through a beautiful canyon with high mountain walls on both sides. The natural beauty is stunning, but keep an eye out for the river.

At the halfway point of the tour, you’ll make a stop at the Klifkis waterfall. This is another fairytale-like destination in Tzoumerka. The water is ice-cold, but it’s definitely worth checking out! Further, you’ll see several beautiful old arched bridges.

I did a tour with Trekking Hellas Tzoumerka Rafting and it really comes highly recommended. Another good organization is Alpine Zone.

Visit the beautiful villages

In Tzoumerka you can find many authentic Greek villages. People are very hospitable and incredibly proud of their region. I myself visited two of them: Theodoriana and Vourgareli. Theodoriana is home to only 8 people and is beautifully situated among the mountains. Not only do you have beautiful views here, but the lovely Rema Marks and Souda Waterfalls are within walking distance.

Vourgareli is slightly larger, but also very cute and authentic. Be sure to visit the square in front of the church. From here, you have a beautiful view of the mountains. In summer, the place can be very crowded during the local festivals. Seems like fun to experience!

Go on a road trip on the mountain roads

Tzoumerka is a great place for a road trip, especially if you like winding mountain roads. Some are paved, some are not. They are usually in reasonable condition and quite wide, making it an easy drive. It’s never crowded, so occasionally park along the road to enjoy the magnificent views.

Discover the enchanting bridges

Something I didn’t expect to see in Tzoumerka, are the beautiful bridges. They are historic arch bridges and they fit very well in the enchanting landscape. One of the most beautiful is the Plaka Bridge over the Arachtos River. It was built in 1866 but unfortunately collapsed in 2015 due to heavy rains. Fortunately, they rebuilt it and it has been accessible again since 2020. I’m glad they did, because it is gorgeous!

Most of these arch bridges are only passable on foot and they are very steep, so be careful. The views from the top are incredible.

Plaka Bridge in Tzoumerka

Visit the monasteries

In Tzoumerka you don’t really have castles, but all the more monasteries! Most of them are quite small, but also very interesting to visit. I myself visited the Monastery of Agios Georgios in Vourgareli, which was built in the year 1708.

A special steep staircase leads you to the gate and you can visit the small church. Although it is very dark, you can see historic murals everywhere. Next to the monastery is a fountain where you can drink nice fresh water. It’s better than the water you buy at the store!

Monastery of Agios Georgios in Vourgareli

One of the monasteries I would love to visit someday is the Holy Kipinas Monastery. This is one of the most famous monasteries in the region and is built into a cliff face. Must be an amazing sight!

Where to stay in Tzoumerka

Rouista Tzoumerka Resort is a fantastic place to stay and a perfect base to explore Tzoumerka National Park. It is a small family-run hotel and is located in a village called Vourgareli.

The resort itself is also a village, as it consists of several buildings (they call it a village in a village). The rooms are very spacious and tastefully decorated with natural elements. All rooms have a balcony with mountain views. The hotel’s credo is “Where luxury meets nature,” and that theme has been carried throughout the hotel.

At the hotel, there is a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast. Even in 5-star hotels, I have rarely seen such a delicious and varied breakfast buffet! The restaurant is also a great place for dinner. The menu has special dishes and is made mostly with local products. Incredibly delicious food for a good price.

To be clear, I was invited to stay at this hotel, so I may be a bit biased. But I am certainly not the only one who can appreciate the hospitality of Dimitris and his family, Rouista Tzoumerka Resort has incredibly high reviews. For example a 9.5 on and a 4.8 on Google Reviews. And it’s surprisingly affordable!

Visiting Tzoumerka

These were my tips for Tzoumerka. Can you feel my excitement? I can’t wait to go back! Tzoumerka is an amazing place to visit during a tour of northern Greece. For example, you can combine it with other places, such as the bustling city of Ioánnina, the beautiful town of Metsovo, and the famous Meteora.

You can also combine your visit to Tzoumerka with several islands, including Lefkas and Corfu. This is one of the Greek islands I have visited myself and it’s really beautiful. In addition, the smaller islands of Paxos and Antipaxos are also worth visiting.

How to get to Tzoumerka?

If you are staying in Vourgareli, the closest airport is the one in Ioánnina. You get here with a transfer via Athens, for example. From here it is still about a 2-hour drive. Other airports you can fly to are the ones of Corfu (4.5 hours away including a ferry crossing), Athens (nearly 5 hours away), and Thessaloniki (4.5 hours away). Check WayAway to find the best deals and get cashback on plane tickets.

Book your trip to Greece

Would you like to visit Tzoumerka and other beautiful places in Greece? These websites are useful for booking your trip.

🚘 Rental car – Tzoumerka is difficult to reach by public transport, so it is wise to rent a car and discover the region. Check Rental Cars or Discover Cars to find the best deals.

🛏️ Accommodation – There are many beautiful places to stay in Northern Greece. From small-scale guesthouses to luxury resorts in the mountains. Check for options and availability.

🎒 Tours and activities – Would you like to learn more about the history of your destination or are you looking for a fun active activity? Check Get Your Guide.

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