Relax while traveling: this is how you do it!

Relax while traveling: this is how you do it!

You’re traveling and want to see as many highlights as possible. When you get back home, you’re so tired, you barely remember all the things you saw. Sounds familiar? Don’t forget to relax while traveling! In this article, I’ll share some tips.

Don’t plan too much

This is so obvious, but I still do it every time I go traveling. There’s always too much to see and too little time. Figure out what you really have to see and what would be nice to see as well. It’s impossible to see everything, so you will never have time to soak it all in. When you try this, you’ll always think about the next thing you need to see, and how to get there. That’s not fun right?

Take a long lunchbreak

Uitgebreid lunchen
Sometimes you want to see so many things, that you don’t have time to have a decent lunch (or even worse, skip lunch). Don’t do this! Lunch is a perfect way to break up your day and think about the awesome things you did in the morning.

Personally, I prefer a very long lunch break when I’m traveling, a great way to relax and get some energy for the rest of the day.

Take a half-day off

Especially when you’re traveling more than a week: take a half-day off every once in a while. Stay in bed a little longer, watch some Netflix, read a book, enjoy an afternoon at the pool. No must-sees, just relaxing, so do whatever you want! You’ll see you’ll have way more energy to do things again the next day.

Enjoy a good view for as long as possible

Enjoy the good view

You traveled for hours to a great viewpoint, take a couple of pictures and leave almost immediately. Sounds familiar? I’ve done this way too many times… During my last trip, I decided to do things differently and enjoy the viewpoints more. Usually, there’s a bench to sit on, so you can stare at the scenic landscape for a while. Very relaxing!

Find a beautiful place for a picnic

This is something I always do when I’m traveling, it doesn’t matter if I’m on a short city trip or a long backpacking trip. Everywhere in the world, there are some beautiful parks, that are awesome to explore and make a perfect place for a picnic. I’ve visited beautiful parks during city trips in Paris, Prague, and Barcelona, but during a road trip, I also like to make a stop at a park. Especially along the coast in Australia or Hawaii, you’ll find the most amazing beach parks. Enjoy the view in the shade of palm trees and enjoy your meal. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Book a relaxed hotel at the end of your trip

Cocktail bij het zwembad

A lot of people start their trip with a relaxed hotel (I completely understand), but I prefer to do this at the end of my trip. Usually, this is a luxury hotel with a pool. A great place to relax and think back on the great trip you’ve made. Enjoy some luxury, cocktails, and good food. You deserved it!

These are my favorite ways to relax while traveling. What do you like to do?

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