Top 5 Things to do in Los Angeles

Top 5 things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city you either love or hate. The traffic is insane, but it has beautiful spots and there are loads of cool things to do. In this article, I’ll share my 5 favorite things to do in Los Angeles.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier
The Santa Monica Pier is one of the places in Los Angeles where you’ll find loads of tourists. But there’s a good reason for it: it’s the end of Route 66! On this iconic pier, you’ll also find restaurants, a theme park and it’s a great viewpoint to watch the ocean and the beautiful beaches.

Find your favorite star in Hollywood

Walk of Fame
You have to be really lucky to spot your favorite actor/actress/director in real life. Your chances of spotting them are pretty big in Hollywood because everybody who’s a little bit famous has his or her own star on the Walk of Fame. It is a lot of fun to walk around and spot the stars you like. Don’t forget to look up every once in a while, in this area it’s easy to spot the famous Hollywood sign in the hills.

If you’re not interested in finding the stars but would like to see the Hollywood sign, you can go for a hike. The Mount Hollywood trail is one of the best hikes in Los Angeles.

Explore the Venice Canal Historic District

Venice canals
Do you need a bit of rest and quiet during your time in Los Angeles? Then you should go for a nice walk in the Venice Canal Historic District. It’s beautiful, quiet and there are barely any tourists. Make sure to check out the houses on the sides of the canals, every single one is completely different.

Warner Bros Studio Tour

studio tour Warner Bros
Los Angeles is most famous because of the movie and the tv shows. There are a couple of big studios where you can take part in a special studio tour, where you can visit several movie and tv sets. I chose to go with the Warner Bros Studio Tour, where I was able to visit the sets of the Big Bang Theory and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

They also have something called Stage 48, which is an interactive tour. During this part, you can fly on a broom, just like in Harry Potter, and take place on the famous couch in Central Perk (Friends). This was absolutely one of my favorite activities to do in Los Angeles, so I highly recommend going on this tour.

Go cycling along the beaches

Cycling on Venice Beach
In the Netherlands, everybody cycles everywhere they go. If we get the chance to go cycling in another country, we take it, because we love it so much! The best place to go cycling in Los Angeles is the bike path on the beaches in Santa Monica and Venice. During you’re trip you’ll see Muscle Beach (an outdoor fitness center), so I guess you can say that Los Angeles is a perfect destination for a girls’ trip! And you’ll also see great colorful murals in Venice and luxury hotels in Santa Monica. If you get tired of cycling, just relax on the beach, it’s enormous!

Have you ever been to Los Angeles? What are your favorite things to do in Los Angeles?

Where to stay in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is an enormous city, so do some research on the things you really want to see and do while you’re on your Los Angeles vacation. Find a place that’s close to the places you’d like to visit. If you plan to see a lot, I would recommend staying in the neighborhoods of Santa Monica and Venice. Great places to stay, with many restaurants, and right next to the beach. You can easily find a room on

Do you prefer to stay in your own apartment? In that case, I would recommend checking out the options through Airbnb. Have you never booked anything through Airbnb before? Use this link to get a great discount on your first stay.

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