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My new year’s resolutions for 2020

We’re done with looking back at 2019, so it’s time to look forward! In this article, I’ll share my new year’s resolutions for 2020.

Stop eating meat

In the last couple of years, I’ve been eating less and less meat, and I would like to stop eating meat completely. I always feel kinda sad for the animals that have to die, and it’s also very bad for the planet. I’ll probably never go completely vegetarian (I love eating fish), but I’ll give it a try!

Take my website to the next level

My website exists for four years now, and I still love working on it on a daily basis! I love sharing my travel stories and sharing my travel tips. I learn new things every week, so the articles I wrote back in the day don’t have the standard that I would like them to have.

That’s why I’m planning on working to take Op reis met Co (Travel with Co) to the next level, by upgrading all my articles and delete the articles that are irrelevant. I’m also trying to translate most of my articles from Dutch to English, to reach a larger audience. It’s a hell of a job because I’ve written over 500 articles. But it will be worth it!

I want to lose weight: 7 kilos

I usually don’t have a new year’s resolution with a weight target, I prefer ‘eating healthy’ instead. But for 2020 I really want to set a weight goal! I’ve been struggling with my weight for years, and this year it was extreme. I’ve lost fifteen kilos (mostly thanks to hiking the Pacific Crest Trail) and gained twelve. I would like to lose seven kilos because that’s the weight I’m most comfortable in. It will be hard, because I’m addicted to eating chips, so I will definitely have to reduce that.

Get rid of a lot of stuff

Last year, I lived out of my backpack for three months, and I loved it! Everything I brought with me was useful, and I never had to look for anything. I would love to have the same feeling at home because I’ve gathered a lot of unnecessary stuff during the last couple of years. Lately, I’ve been reading some books about minimalism and it got me really inspired. So this year, I’m planning on going through all of my stuff and throw away all the things I won’t need anymore. This way I’ll have a more peaceful feeling when I’m in my house and I’m sure it will help to clear my head as well.

Update: I absolutely need to get rid of my stuff, because in 2020 I will move out of Amsterdam and become a digital nomad!

Complet a long-distance hike

Although I would love to finish the Pacific Crest Trail, that’s probably not going to happen in 2020 (too expansive and it takes too much time). But I would love to complete another long-distance hike. I’m thinking of doing one that takes about two to four weeks during the summer. Right now I’m thinking I will hike the Pieterpad (the most famous long-distance hike in The Netherlands) or the West Highland Way in Scotland. Do you have any recommendations? Let me know!

What are your new year’s resolutions for 2020?

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