Salt in Jordan: a charming city full of history

Salt in Jordan: a charming city full of history

Dive into the rich history and vibrant culture of the city of Salt in Jordan! Discover the charms of this hidden gem in this article full of great tips.

About Salt

Salt (also known as As Salt and Al-Salt, which is the more formal name in Arabic) is a charming city located in the mountains west of the Jordanian capital Amman. What makes Salt so special? There are several reasons to visit this city while traveling in Jordan.

Salt is like a living museum that bears traces of various civilizations. It began its history as the Biblical city of Ramoth-Gilead (this is mentioned in the books of antiquity) and later became an important Roman city. The Ottoman period, between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, also left its mark on the city, which can be seen in the many notable buildings and trade centers.

Salt still retains its historic character today while exuding a modern, vibrant atmosphere. The city offers a combination of beautiful old architecture, delicious food, and hospitable people who make you feel like you are at home. Stroll the narrow streets with their traditional yellow sandstone buildings, visit the local bazaars filled with colorful crafts, and taste the rich, delicious flavors of Jordanian cuisine.

Nice to know: As Salt has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2021.

The best things to do in Salt

As you can see, the city of Salt in Jordan must be a great place to enjoy. What to do in Salt? I spend a night in Salt during my last trip to Jordan and in this article, I’ll share the most beautiful sights.

Al Hammam Street

Feel like shopping or trying out some street food? Al Hammam Street is one of the nicest streets in the city. It is a charming street dotted with historic buildings and artisan stores. The place is always crowded and vendors are everywhere advertising their wares. There are also several market stalls and delis where you can sample tasty Jordanian snacks.

Tour of beautiful Salt

Eskafia Street

Eskafia Street is a small side street (it’s mostly stairs) from Hamman Street. For more than 150 years there have been shoemakers and tailors on this street. The workshops are like little museums. A great place to check out.

Eskafia Street in Salt Jordan

Abu Jaber Museum

Want to learn more about the history of Salt and Jordan? Then head to the Abu Jaber Museum. Housed in Salt’s oldest mansion, this museum offers a deep dive into the city’s rich history. There are several interesting exhibitions showing centuries of historical and cultural development. This museum is highly recommended!

Abu Jaber Museum in Salt

Al Ain Plaza

Al Ain Plaza is Salt’s central square and an important meeting point for the community. There are many benches in the square and you often see people playing the traditional game of Manqala here. Most people are also up for a chat and you may be invited to play a game with them. A fun place to enjoy the vibrant city life.

A game of Manqala at Al Ain Plaza
Ask to join a game of Manqala, it’s so much fun!

Great Mosque of Salt

At the Al Ain Plaza, you will find one of the largest and most striking structures in the city: the Great Mosque of Salt. This is the oldest mosque in the city and dates back to the 14th century. Architecturally, Salt’s Grand Mosque is a mix of different styles it has picked up over the centuries, with elements of both the Ayyubid and Mamluk styles.

The mosque has a dominant minaret that rises above the surrounding buildings and a beautiful prayer hall decorated with exquisite, handcrafted calligraphy. Want to visit the mosque? You have to take off your shoes and, as a woman, you have to cover your hair.

Out and about in cozy Salt

The Salt Archaeological Museum

See rare artifacts from Roman, Byzantine and Islamic times at the Salt Archaeological Museum. You can see traditional clothing as well as beautiful mosaics of churches in Ash Salt. It is housed in an unusual building: a house built in 1905 for the Touqan family. In 1983, it was converted into a museum depicting the history of the wider Jordan Valley area. Very interesting!

Salt Archaeological Museum

Al-Jada’a Stairs

Salt is a city full of elevation changes, which is why there are stairs everywhere. One of them is Al-Jada’a Stairs. This staircase not only takes you to the amazing restaurant Beit Aziz but also gives you a great view of the city.

Out and about in cozy Salt

Al Khader church

Christianity and Islam go together in Jordan, which is why you will see Christian churches in Salt in addition to mosques. The Al Khader Church is a good example. It is an important religious monument in Salt and both Christians and Muslims are allowed to pray here.

Inside the church, you can admire beautiful frescoes. In the corner of the church, you will find a small shrine in a niche. You can write your greatest wish on a piece of paper and leave it here. Who knows, maybe your wish will come true!

Al Khader church in Salt

The Old English Hospital Museum

The Old English Hospital Museum is housed in a building originally erected in 1914 as a British military hospital during World War I and later served as a civilian hospital.

The building itself is a beautiful example of 19th-century architecture and exudes a certain colonial charm. It has been carefully restored and transformed into a museum where you can learn more about both the history of health care and the cultural and social changes in the Salt region. Inside, you will find a series of exhibits including old medical equipment and historic photographs.

Salt Cultural Center

The Salt Cultural Center is an important venue for arts & culture in Salt. There are several art galleries and spaces for workshops and lectures. Cultural events, exhibitions, and educational programs are regularly held here. During my visit, there was a beautiful photo exhibit on display. In addition, a small ceramics store sits in the basement. They make beautiful tiles, vases, and other beautiful things from ceramics here.

Salt Cultural Center - ceramics workshop
I got to take a look at the workshop.

Harmony Trail

Want to see all the great sights in Salt on a self-guided walking tour? Walking the Harmony Trail is highly recommended. This is a unique route that takes you past various religious and cultural landmarks in the city, including many of the sights in this article. At the Visitor Information Center (next to the Abu Jaber House) you can get a map and explanation (available in English).

Amazing places for coffee & food

Although Salt is a historic city, there are many cool (and surprisingly hip!) restaurants and coffee shops. These are some of my favorite places in Salt:

  • Beit Aziz: restaurant in a 120+-year-old building with panoramic views of the city. The menu is very extensive and full of delicious dishes. There are also many vegetarian options.
  • Aktham’s 1881 Cafe is the perfect place for a nice cup of coffee. This café is also in a beautiful historic building, full of unusual rooms, staircases, and narrow corridors. There are several rooftop terraces with nice views of the city.
  • La Villa Médan is a new joint where you can get coffee with delicious baked goods. It is in a kind of basement and super cute decorated with colorful pillows and beautiful artwork. The owner is making rooms, so you can stay here in the future.
Eating in Beit Aziz
At Beit Aziz you can try different dishes that are all delicious!

Discover the green nature around Salt

Salt is located in a mountainous area and is surrounded by extraordinary natural areas. I myself walked to Salt via the Jordan Trail, and even near the city, green forests and olive trees could still be seen.

Beautiful places to visit from Salt include the Wadi Shueib, a green valley; King Talal Dam, a large reservoir with beautiful views; and the Dibeen Forest Reserve, one of the few remaining pine forests in the Middle East.

View of King Talal Dam
The view of King Talal Dam.

Where to stay in Salt

I myself spent a night at Salt and I really recommend it. It is such a cozy city! And as you have read, there are more than enough things to do in Salt. The city is not overcrowded by tourists (yet) and therefore there are not that many accommodations. Therefore, it is wise to reserve them in time. These are great places to stay in Salt:

  • Beit Aziz is a restaurant in a 120-year-old building, but it also has three hotel rooms. I have stayed here myself and it really comes highly recommended! Right in the city, nice view and the food in the restaurant is very good. They don’t have a website, but you can book by phone at +962 79943 6969.
  • Jordan Heritage Madhafa is a small and colorful hotel in a beautiful historic building in downtown Salt. Some rooms have balconies with city views.
  • Mountain Breeze Lodge & Resort is a half-hour drive from Salt but in a beautiful spot in nature! A perfect place to recover. It consists of small chalets and there are two swimming pools.

Check out for more options and prices. There are not many accommodations in Salt itself, but there are more than enough in nearby Amman!

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