Visiting Cordoba - The Mezquita is definitely one of the highlights!

Visiting Cordoba Spain: 21 tips!

Córdoba is one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia and is world-famous for its magnificent Mezquita. Are you planning on visiting Cordoba? 21 tips!

About Córdoba

Córdoba is a city in southern Spain and the capital of the province of the same name. Located in the autonomous region of Andalucia, the city has a rich history and culture. It was one of the most important cities in Europe in the Middle Ages and the capital of the Moorish caliphate of Cordoba. Today, it is a popular tourist destination because of the many attractions the city has to offer.

Visiting Córdoba: the best sights

What to do in Córdoba? These are the most beautiful sights.

Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba

For many people, the Mezquita is the main reason to visit Córdoba, and that was the case for me as well. I couldn’t wait to see this interesting church with my own eyes.

The Mezquita, also known as the Great Mosque of Cordoba, is one of Spain’s most important sights. It is a historical monument dating back to the eighth century and is a unique blend of Islamic and Catholic architecture. It was originally built as a mosque during the Moorish rule of Spain and was later converted into a Catholic cathedral after the reconquest of Spain by the Catholic kings in 1492.

The highlight of the Mezquita are the 800+ arches and pillars decorated with beautiful mosaics. The arches are made of reddish-brown marble and the ceiling is decorated with elaborate geometric patterns. It’s an incredible sight.

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Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba

Iglesias Fernandinas

Your ticket to the Mezquita allows you to visit about 10 other churches. This is called the Ruta de las Iglesias Fernandinas. The Iglesias Fernandinas is a group of churches that date back to the Middle Ages and are named after King Ferdinand III of Castile, who conquered the city in 1236.

The churches have different architectural styles, from the Gothic style to the Mudejar style, a mix of Islamic and Christian styles. They are all beautifully decorated with works of art and frescoes. It is really recommended to explore a couple. I personally liked Iglesia de San Francisco very much!

Iglesia de San Francisco

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos is a palace that served as the residence of Catholic kings. It is a beautiful example of medieval architecture. You can stroll through the (partially dilapidated) building, walk over the ancient walls and climb a tower.

For me personally, the most beautiful place in the Alcazar is the garden. When I visited the Alcázar in March, it was full of colorful flowers. The straight lines of the trees and ponds make it a beautiful scene.

A ticket to the Alcázar costs €5. Tickets can be purchased at a kiosk or the vending machine in the square across the street.

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

Puente Romano de Córdoba

Another beautiful sight in Córdoba is the Roman bridge. Dating back to the first century, the bridge was built to cross the Guadalquivir River and you can still do so today. The bridge is open to pedestrians only.

Does this bridge look familiar to you? That is possible! The Roman bridge in Cordoba has been used as a filming location for the popular television series Game of Thrones. In the fifth season of the series, the bridge was used as the setting for the city of Volantis.

Puente Romano de Córdoba

Puerta del Puente

At the end (or beginning) of the Roman bridge is the Puerta del Puente. This is an old city gate and it was built in the 16th century. The gate has several interesting details, so make sure to walk around it and admire this beautiful gate.

Puerta del Puente

Torre de la Calahorra

On the other side of the Roman bridge, you can see the Torre de la Calahorra. As you might guess, this is a tower and it was a gateway to the city in the Middle Ages. Now the tower is a museum and you can climb it for a great view of the city.

Torre de la Calahorra

Calleja de las Flores

They love flowers in Córdoba, and this is well reflected in Calleja de las Flores. This is a narrow dead-end street with white walls and it is completely full of (blue) flower pots. Very photogenic! Visit the street early in the morning, as it can get very crowded during the day.

Patios de San Basilio

Want to see more colorful flowers? In the amazing San Basilio neighborhood, the homeowners allow you to view their patios. These are full of green plants, and colorful flowers. Sometimes you will find statues or mosaics from ancient times on these beautiful patios.

As you wander through the neighborhood, it’s easy to spot the patios that are open and free to visit; there is usually a sign outside. The owners also always love explaining more about the history of the garden and they’ll point out interesting spots. They greatly appreciate it if you leave a small tip.

Patios de San Basilio

Sinagoga de Córdoba

The Synagogue of Cordoba is a historic synagogue in the Jewish Quarter, just north of San Basilio. It was built in the 14th century when Cordoba’s Jewish community played an important role in the city’s economic and cultural development.

The synagogue is an example of the Mudéjar style, a unique blend of Islamic and Christian styles with Jewish influences, and is free to visit.

Caballerizas Reales

The Caballerizas Reales is an impressive palace that was once used as the royal stables of Spain. It is located in the heart of Cordoba, within walking distance of the Mezquita. The building dates back to the 16th century and was designed by architect Hernán Ruiz de Eldorado at the behest of King Felipe II.

Today, the Caballerizas Reales is open to the public as a museum. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of Spain and the role horses have played in Spanish culture. In the stables for the horses, there are numerous different breeds of horses on display, and you can even attend a horse show.

For more information and ticket sales, visit the official website.

Caballerizas Reales

Parque de Miraflores

Do you feel like relaxing during your busy day in Cordoba? Then Parque de Miraflores is a good place to do so. It is located a bit on a hill and from here you have a view of the river and the city. You can even see Mezquita towering over the city. There are many benches, but you can also drop a plaid on the grass under a tree for some shade.

Plaza del Potro

Plaza del Potro is one of the most beautiful squares in Córdoba. Dating back to the fifteenth century, the square has a rich history as a trade square and a meeting place for artists and writers. The square gets its name from the ancient fountain in the center, which is shaped like a potato, a wooden frame that was used to tie horses for shoeing their hooves.

Plaza del Potro is surrounded by historic buildings, including the Museo Julio Romero de Torres, dedicated to the famous painter from Cordoba, and the Casa del Potro, an old mansion converted into a cultural center. There are also many cozy cafes and restaurants.

Plaza del Potro

Palacio de Viana

Palacio de Viana, also known as the Viana Palace, is a beautiful palace located in the heart of Cordoba. Initially built in the fourteenth century as a modest manor house, it was expanded and converted over the centuries into a magnificent palace.

The palace has an impressive history. It was once owned by the noble Marqueses de Viana family, who donated it to the city of Cordoba in the twentieth century (this was preceded by some protests, they preferred to sell it). The palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens, considered among the most beautiful in Andalusia.

You can visit the palace and see various rooms. Most are beautifully furnished and decorated with artwork and furniture from different eras. And, of course, you can admire the beautiful gardens.

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Jardines Huerto de Orive

To be honest, Jardines Huerto de Orive is not the most beautiful park I ever visited, but it is a park full of street art. There is a beautiful mural on almost every wall. My personal favorite sits on a wall near the north entrance.

Jardines Huerto de Orive

Templo Romano

In the context of “fun to see when you’re walking by,” it is recommended to take a look at the City Hall of Córdoba. In fact, this is built on the remains of an ancient Roman temple that you can also see here (largely reconstructed). Very interesting!

Museo Arqueológico de Córdoba

Want to learn more about the history of Córdoba? Then it is really recommended to visit the archaeological museum.

The museum has an extensive collection of archaeological finds dating back to the prehistoric, Roman, and Moorish periods. Highlights of the collection include Roman mosaics, Moorish ceramics, and Iron Age artifacts. And did you know that there are ruins of a Roman theater from the first century right underneath the museum?

Not only are the contents of the museum interesting, but so is the building itself. The museum is housed in a former monastery dating back to the 16th century. Also, be sure to take a look at the monastery garden to the right of the museum’s entrance, where you will see some more beautiful statues and mosaics.

As a resident of the European Union, you can visit the museum for free. If you are not, you pay a small admission fee (€1.50, March 2023).

Museo Arqueológico de Córdoba

Plaza de la Corredera

Plaza de la Corredera is one of the first places I personally visited in Córdoba and I was really impressed. It’s a beautiful square! It reminded me a bit of Plaza Mayor in Madrid. Plaza de la Corredera is one of the oldest squares in Cordoba. The current square has existed since 1683.

The square is surrounded by beautiful buildings with arcades and balconies dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. On the square, you will find plenty of cozy terraces where you can enjoy delicious tapas and drinks.

Plaza de la Corredera

Real Jardín Botánico de Córdoba

Do you like botanical gardens? Then you should definitely take a look at the one in Córdoba. Located along the river, the Real Jardín Botánico de Córdoba contains numerous unusual species of flowers and plants. A nice place to explore for a while.

Fine dining in Córdoba

Spanish food is amazing, of course, this is also the case in Córdoba! There is a (tapas) restaurant on every street corner. These are some of the best restaurants in Córdoba.

  • Moriles Ribera – Tapas restaurant by the river with a huge menu. Many options for vegetarian tapas and very good prices. I loved it so much that I went back a second time!
  • Horno San Pedro – A nice local bakery where you can have a good cup of coffee with a sandwich or pastry. The owner is really night and the food and drinks are well priced.
  • Casa Pepe de La Judería – Popular restaurant (it’s more than 100 years old) where you can taste local specialties.

Fun day trips from Córdoba

Córdoba is a very pleasant city, making it a perfect place to stay a little longer. No need to get bored, as there are plenty of great places to visit from Cordoba on a day trip.


Seville is a beautiful city about an hour and a half from Cordoba, and by (super-fast) train it will only take you 45 minutes! It is the capital of the region of Andalusia and has a rich history and culture. The main attractions are the Cathedral of Seville with the Giralda Tower, the Alcazar Palace, and the Santa Cruz district with its narrow streets and beautiful squares.

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Plaza de Espana in Seville


Montilla is a small town about a 30-minute drive from Cordoba and is known for its wine production. Here you can visit one of the many wineries and vineyards, such as Bodegas Perez Barquero or Bodegas Alvear. You can participate in tours and tastings and learn more about the history and production of local wines.

Montilla also has other interesting sights, such as the Castle of Montilla and the Church of Santiago. A fun place to explore!


Málaga is located south of Córdoba on the coast (on the Costa del Sol). From Córdoba, you drive here in just under two hours, but by train, you can get there in an hour. Malaga has a nice mix of new and old, with modern museums but also with a beautiful old cathedral and old castles. A fun city to explore!

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Parque de Málaga

Where to stay in Córdoba

Córdoba is not a city that you want to see on a day trip. To really experience the city, it is wise to stay there for a night (preferably two or three). These are great places to stay in Córdoba.

  • Hospederiá Los Angeles – This cute guest house is in a great location. It’s only a 10-minute walk to the Mezquita. I slept here myself and paid about €35 a night for a room. If that isn’t a bargain!
  • Hotel Boutique Suite Generis (2⭐) – A lovely boutique hotel with modern decor near Jardines Huerto de Orive.
  • Balcón de Córdoba (4⭐) – One of the most beautiful hotels in the city. From the rooftop terrace, you have a fantastic view of the city.

Check for more options, availability, and prices.

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Visiting Cordoba Spain - the best things to do

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